In the midst of the sacred New Year's greetings, don't you want the phone outage to affect the atmosphere? So now, please load MobiFone card right away to receive 20% promotion for prepaid subscribers, only on 01/02/2019.



All recharges during the promotion period are entitled to a 20% donation rate, of which 10% goes to KM2T account, 10% to KM3T account (T = 15 days).

Recharge now, drop Tet greetings station with promotion from MobiFone!


  • Not applicable for newly developed prepaid subscribers who are entitled to the first 05 card promotion promotion since activation.
  • Not applicable for prepaid Fast Connect subscribers.
  • The promotional amount cannot use data service.
  • Promotional money is used within 15 days from the date of deposit.
  • Promotional rates include VAT.