Miu, M70, M90 and many other packages of MobiFone increased up to 6 times the amount of Data but rates remain unchanged.


Recently, MobiFone has introduced a policy to increase the capacity of existing data tariffs but keep the price level in order to better meet the demand and increase the experience for customers. Accordingly, MobiFone will apply the policy of increasing the capacity of basic 3G / 4G Internet packages at unchanged rates. The maximum capacity increase of up to 6 times.


Impressive message that MobiFone launched in this program


In this data capacity increase, customers use the MIU package, which is the most profitable, owning up to 3.8 GB data (the old package is 600 MB) at the price of only 70,000 VND / month.


In case you are using one of the above packages at the time of adjustment, you will continue to use the old offers from the plan for the 30-day cycle. At the end of the cycle, the package will be extended with a six-fold increase. And now your job is just to surf the web, watch movies, play games ... delight, put aside worries about the "status quo" data as before.


There are many 3G / 4G internet packages available today. But to own a package with enough storage capacity to meet your data needs, you will have to pay a high fee. Therefore, it can be said that the increase in capacity of data packets to more than 6 times MobiFone has brought practical benefits and convenience for users.


Your job is now very simple, share this information as a gift to your friends and relatives to immerse yourself in the colorful Internet without paying attention to costs.