Find numbers by name - Decode the name according to the rules of the T9 keyboard is a unique new feature that has just appeared at Select Number Online website. On this occasion, CS68 package (VND 68,000/ month) was deployed to bring many benefits for customers.



Inspired by the T9 keyboard set on dial phones, Select Number Online has applied the rule of arranging letters and numbers into the development of the "name to number" function, filtering out a set of suitable phone sims for customers.


The new function Find numbers by name gives you an interesting experience when you can own a meaningful sim card, which is closely related to your own name.


To use this function, you only need to visit the Find numbers link by name, enter your name (you can enter the first name, middle name, full name) and then press Search. In just a moment the system will display a list of phone numbers corresponding to the content you have provided.


Example: Your name is Nguyen Nhu Yen => corresponding phone number: 0896493666

Your name is Tuấn Tú => the corresponding phone number: 0899327888


In particular, also in the launch of this new feature, Select Online will deploy a new promotion package for subscribers of Choose Online, which helps you drop contact station, surf the internet anytime and anywhere without having to worry. about the cost. As follows: