To experience the full and exciting gameplay, gamers are indispensable for mobile handsets, headsets or high-speed 3G / 4G networks. Here are 5 tools to break the professional gamers.


Handheld gaming mobile

Controlling the touch screen is not always easy. Thus, equipping the wireless gaming console is a good thing for those who are still hesitant to experience mobile games. This tool will help players easily navigate, order the character in the game.


Mobile games are increasingly invested in image and quality


Rechargeable battery backup

Current mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are heavily invested in the configuration. However, this also means spending more energy. The more games, the faster battery life, at this backup charger is a rescue tool when the phone is stressful but the phone low battery.



Smartphones are a must if you want to be a mobile gamer. This device, like a laptop or a computer, serves as a bridge that leads players to the gaming world. So, for a true gaming experience, players should choose a smartphone with a relatively strong configuration to 'battle' well without any problems.


Smartphone configuration is the first thing indispensable of gamers



This is an accessory for gamers to enjoy the most complete and true game. A good headset will deliver live sound to the game, especially for fighting games or investing in music. In addition, this accessory allows the user to enjoy the experience without fear of affecting others.


3G / 4G network

Statistics show that the number of online game players more than offline games. Therefore, 3G / 4G connectivity or Wi-Fi on smartphones is indispensable. Compared to Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G networks offer greater flexibility, which allows gamers to enjoy on long trips, or where Wi-Fi networks are weak. Along with team play, a high-speed Data 3G / 4G package will create superiority.


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