1. Commitment about using service of customer.

Customer making payment or top up agrees that the use of online payment service is completely voluntary and understood the provisions relating to fee payment and top up of MobiFone.

2. Conditions of using service.

MobiFone is only accept international cards of local issuing banks.

Payment amount or top up card of a transaction minimum 50,000 VND and maximum 10,000,000 VND. Top up card with pre-paid subscriber will not exceed 5,000,000 VND in a day.

3. Privacy

All details of payment services or online top up will be secured, guarantee and exact storage in banking system and MobiFone.

4. Processing transaction time

Payment transaction or online top up will be automatically written off or top up by system right after payment gateway process charging request at banking account of customer.

5. Refund and cancel transaction

With successful transactions, subscribers will be deducted from debt or loading with the same amount will not be reversed and therefore transaction will be cancelled

6. MobiFone’s rights and responsibilities

MobiFone is responsible to ensure that its technical system operation is stable and accurate in the process of payment transactions for customers.

MobiFone is responsible to provide sufficient information related to the transaction, support the verification process of transaction data with the unit when there is an error or customer complaint in the use of services provided that the parties offer enough evidence to prove that their information is legitimate.

MobiFone has the right to refuse to provide services to customers if the customer does not comply with the regulations of the service provided by MobiFone.

7. Subscribers’ rights and responsibilities

Subscribers are responsible to obey the policy provided by MobiFone and card-issuing bank during the time of service. Subscribers are subject to all benefits when using the online paying or loading service, except those that have been clearly stated on the website by MobiFone. For successful transactions or error due to MobiFone or card-issuing banks, subscribers will be deducted from debt or loaded credit when error is found by MobiFone. The maximum time to report the error is 2 days starting from the day of transaction.

8. Commitment

The two parties pledge to strictly obey the policy. If disputes between the two parties arise, they will be resolved by negotiations. In case the negotiation ceases to succeed, one of the parties reserves the right to bring the case to court where MobiFone headquarter is located.

9. Other agreements

This agreement is governed by the relevant laws of Vietnam. Agreement and the accompanying documentation are separate parts. By agreeing to this provision, the parties agreed to the terms described above. Subscribers have committed, read, understood and complied the full terms and conditions, aforementioned conditions and other laws.