Vietnam Airlines


Ø  How to use or exchange accrued points for bonus awards:

Members can transfer accrued points from Loyalty account to Lotusmiles (vice versa is not applicable) to earn bonus awards of Lotusmiles such as international/domestic flight tickets for members or their families.

To transfer accrued points, members must register point accumulation method 2 or 3:

Accumulation method 2: (Transfer accrued points monthly to Lotusmiles accounts)

Accrued points will be transferred to Lotusmiles accounts of members once every month on the 15th of the following month.

Accumulation method 3: (points are saved in Loyalty account  and only used for bonus awards required by Members)

To transfer points, members compose CD__X (X is thepoints members want to transfer) and send to 9237.

Minimum points for each transfer: 10.000 KNDL points and must be multiple of 10.

Transfer scale : 10 KNDL points = 2 Lotusmiles miles

After successfully transfer Loyalty points to Lotusmiles miles, customers cannot do vice versa.

Transferred points only can be used for the month after

Details of Lotusmiles bonus awards click here.