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ØExchange Lotusmiles points to MobiFone credits

Members can use Lotusmiles points to exchange into MobiFone credits (applicable for post-paid and pre-paid accounts), details as follows:

  • Lotusmiles transfer point scale:


Lotusmiles miles to be transferred

Equivalent MobiFone credits converted


5.000 miles

200.000 VND


10.000 miles

500.000 VND


15.000 miles

1.000.000 VND


Notice: Bonus awards above are included tax and service charge (if any)

For example: 500 miles in Lotusmiles account will be credited and transferred to 200.000 VND MobiFone credits

  • Members want to earn MobiFone credit awards must fill in MobiFone Earning Awards application to Lotusmiles Center.

  • If your application is valid, Lotusmiles Center will process and credit miles in your Lotusmiles member account.

Lotusmiles center delivers Awards Approval to members and send data to VMS to apply rewarding MobiFone credit procedure for the month after member requirements.