On the Vietnamese Women’s Day of October 20th, from October 18th to October 31st 2016, MobiFone is dedicated to our customers who are Loyalty Titanium, Gold and Diamond members attractive offers when shopping at famous fashion and cosmetic brands such as Format, Tammy, Menard.

The regulation for promotion is specifically applied for each class as below:


Member class

Partner’s offer

MobiFone’s offer/time of using service

Total offers that a member can benefit

(VND/ 1 using time)

The number of times that a member can benefit offers



For details of Partner’s offer, visit here 

VND 1,000,000

Partner’s offer + VND 1,000,000

4 times



VND 1,000,000

3 times



VND 1,000,000

2 times

To benefit offers from the program, please get transaction code (e-code) by texting LK[space]partner’s code[space]email address and send to 9237. Where, partner’s code is FORMAT, TAMMY or MENARD. Besides, members can get e-code from My MobiFone application or call 9393 for support. Every e-code is equivalent to 1 time of offer. Members can decide to use offer at one or many partners of the program, as long as the number of offers does not exceed the regulated time limit. Each bill can be applied with 1-2 e-codes as below:

  • Not applicable for bill under VND 1,000,000.
  • Bill from above VND 1,000,000 to VND 2,000,000: 1 e-code.
  • Bill above VND 2,000,000: Maximum 2 e-codes.
  • The value of the bill used for applying offers is the amount that customers have to pay after deducting partners’offers.

Members can refer the list of places providing partners’ services here 

Please contact 9393 for detailed information.