Diamond and Gold membership cards are the most premium cards that every Loyalty member longs for. Possessing those two cards, Member can use business lounge at airports in Vietnam without any charge, and benefit a discount of VND 500,000 per turn of playing golf and a range of interesting offers.

To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of establishing MobiFone Telecommunication Corporation and to introduce interesting offers for Diamond and Gold members to all customers, MobiFone conducts the program of “Possessing Diamond and Gold cards from Loyalty Program is so easy”.

For customers who are not Loyalty members, 1,500 customers with the highest consumption level within 2 months (from September 1st to October 31st 2016), pay all charges before November 25th 2016 and register for the Loyalty program from September 1st to the end of November 30th 2016 will be upgraded to Gold members without accumulating time as regular customers. Charges must be at least VND 3,000,000 during that period.

For Loyalty members, 1,500 members accumulating at least 90 % of qualifying points and having the highest points will be upgraded to Titanium, Gold and Diamond Rank. Among those, 300 customers will be upgraded to Diamond, 500 will be upgraded to God, and 700 will be upgraded to Titanium. The qualifying points are counted during the current qualification period to November 1st 2016.

Besides, MobiFone presents 100 preferential cards at the 5-star hotel system of Sheraton and Marriott to 100 customers having the highest level of consumption and accumulating the most qualifying points. The preferential card at Sheraton and Marriott hotels worth more than VND 7,000,000, providing card owners many interesting offers such as free nights, free of charge or a discount up to 50% for food, fitness and spa services.

Please contact 9393 for more information.