Members’ health is one of MobiFone’s top concerns. From November 18th 2016 to December 10th 2016, Loyalty Titanium, Gold and Diamond Members will receive offers when using health service at international hospitals such as Vinmec International Hospitals FV International Hospitals, Thu Cuc International Hospitals, Viet Sing International Clinic and Hoan My Hospital System.

Offers applied for each member class are as below:


Service package

Partner’s offer

MobiFone’s offer/package


The number of times to benefit offers/Member during the program


Group 1: Packages of basic health check

For more information partner’s offer

VND 500,000

Diamond, Gold, Titanium

(Particularly, at Vinmec, it is not applicable for Titanium)

(Applicable for 1 e-code/ service package)

Diamond: 2 times

Gold: 2 times

Titanium: 1 times


Group 2: Premium products (advanced package, insurance card, etc.)

VND 2,000,000

Diamond, Gold

(Applicable for 2 e-codes/ 2 service packages)


The procedure to benefit from offers is very simple.

To get e-code, please text LK[space]partner’s code[space]email address and send to 9237. Where, VietSing’s code is VIETSING, FV’s is FV, Thu Cuc’s is THUCUC, VINMEC’s is VINMEC and Hoan My’s is HOANMY. Besides, members can get e-code on My MobiFone app or call 9237 for support.

Please come to partner’s location, present your e-code, identification card and document to prove your relationship (in case Member’ family member, i.e Parents, spouse, children, is using the service). Member benefits from offers and signs in service using invoice.

The program is applicable from November 18th 2016 to December 10th 2016. The offers are only applicable if Member pays service fee during this period.

For more information please call 9393.