1. Points earning:

1.1 Qualifying points earning:

- Post-paid members: Points are earned based on the monthly usage (promotions are not converted to points). Points are credited in to the member’s account only when all balances are clear.

All balances are considered clear if payment made is less than VND 1,000 than required amount.
o    If payment is made on time: The member earns all qualifying points.
o    If payment is made within 10 days after the due date:  The member earns half of qualifying points. 
o    If payment is made after 10 days from the due date: The member earns no points. 
o    Bonus points (if any) are added fully to members’ account despite the time of making payment.
o    Due date is the date that MobiFone stops providing outgoing service to Member because of due payment. 
o    In case the member is a corporate customer (has more than 1 subscriptions): The qualifying points are credited only when all its subscribers have clear the balance.


- Pre-paid members: Points are earned based on the monthly usage in the main account. Charges which are spent in promotion accounts are not converted to points.

- Converting ratio: 1,000 VND (one thousand VND) = 1 point. The odd charge < 1,000 VND will not be converted to points.


- Cách tính điểm của một số trường hợp đặc biệt:

(1) Các gói cước bán buôn (BB_XXX) cho thuê bao VAS: không tính điểm.

(2) Các gói cước cam kết, các gói cước kèm máy: Chỉ tính điểm đối với phần doanh thu với phần phát sinh ngoài cam kết, ngoài tiền gói.

(3) Thuê bao OneContact, Mbiz360, MEG: không tính điểm.

(4) Các dịch vụ qua cổng nội dung 9029: không tính điểm

(5) mPay: không tính điểm

(6) Google Play: không tính điểm

(7) Truyền hình K+: không tính điểm

(8) iParking: không tính điểm

(9) Các gói cước, dịch vụ tương tự với các dịch vụ nêu trên mà không quy định tên gói cước, dịch vụ cụ thể sẽ được áp dụng nguyên tắc tính điểm tương tự.

1.2 Bonus points earning:

There are many ways to earn bonus points:

No. Types of bonus points Unit Points Subjects
1 Bonus points as registering for the program Points/subscriber 500

Post-paid members

Pre-paid members


Bonus points for customers who have 3 subscriptions or more Points/subscriber 500 Post-paid members
3 Bonus points for customers who have interconnected for 3 years or more Points/year/subscriber 500

Pre-paid members

Post-paid members

4 Bonus points on the birthday Points/year 500

Post-paid members

Pre-paid members

5 Bonus points on special events

As the regulations of each program

- Bonus points for customers who have 3 subscriptions or more: Each subscriber receives once only. This type of points is added to all subscribers when customers have 3 subscriptions or more. Whenever the customer has another new subscription, the system will add points at the time of recording. - Bonus points as joining in the program: is counted once when subscribers register successfully.

- Bonus points for customers who have interconnected for 3 years or more.

- Bonus points for the birthday: Offer annually in the month which customers’ birthday is in.

- Bonus points for special events: As the regulations of each program.

1.3 Regulations of points counting:

- Points are calculated on the basis of numbers of subscriptions: If Post-paid members have several subscriptions, points for each subscription are separately counted.

- When the member terminates and transfers the contract to another person, points in their accounts can not be redeem for awards but automatically be transferred to the new contract owner ‘s account provided that person is registered as a KNDL member. The member tier will not be transferred for new member.

- If pre-paid members switch to post-paid service or vice verse, accumulative points, the member tier, the member history will be retained.

- If the post-paid member terminates the contract or the prepaid member is overdue disconnected,  points in their accounts can not be redeem for awards.

2. How to accumulate your points in account and redeem to awards:

- There are 2 ways to accumulate your points in account and redeem to awards:

o   Method 1: Points are saved in KNDL account and only used upon your request.

o   Method 2: Points are monthly transferred to Lotusmiles account in order to get awards of Vietnam Airlines (only applicable for associated members).

- Members have to choose an one of the above method as soon as becoming the member of the program. If the member doesn’t choose any one, the system will automatically choose method 1.

- Members can change the method by visit MobiFone shops or sending SMS. To see how to use SMS, click here

- The change is valid from the next month. If several requests are made during a month, only the last request is valid.