1. Member qualification:

1.1 Member qualifying period:

- Qualifying period is 12 months.

- Each period starts at the first day of the month in which subscribers register for the program.

1.2 Member tiers:

- The member is classified based on the total qualifying points he earns during a qualifying period: on period (12 months).

- There are 5 tiers: Diamond, Gold, Titanium, Silver and Bronze. The member is set to Bronze at the time of registering for the program.

No. Member Tier Minimum qualifying points per 1 period
1 Diamond More than 24,000
2 Gold From 18,000 up to 24,000
3 Titanium From 8,000 up to 18,000
4 Silver From 4,000 up to 8,000
5 Bronze Less than 4,000

1.3 Upgrade to higher member tier:

- Member can be upgraded to higher tier as soon as he earns enough qualifying points for that tier.

- If the member earns enough qualifying points prior to the ending date of the qualifying period: He will be upgraded at the next month from and will maintain the upgraded tier until the end of current qualifying period + 12 more months.

1.4 Retaining and downgrading:

- Member tier will be downgraded if the qualifying points in qualifying period are not enough to maintain current member tier.

- Member tier will be retained if the qualifying points in qualifying period are not enough for upgrading but enough for retaining current member tier.

- Members will be retained/ downgraded at the end of qualifying period.

2. Maintaining Membership:

To maintain KNDL membership, members have to:

- (1) Do not violate regulations of the program (including regulations of using membership card and regulations of promotion programs).

- (2) Accumulate enough minimum points in a period, specifically:

o   Postpaid members: earning at least 600 points/one period

o   Prepaid members: earning at least 1,000 points/one period.

- If members do not satisfy above conditions, the membership will be expired and the system will send notification to members.

- If members do not satisfy condition (1): Members cannot register for the program permanently.

- If members do not satisfy condition (2): Members can only register as a new member after 6 months from the expired date (*) and must fully satisfy conditions to register as a new member. All the history of member (time to participate in, earning points, registration to be associated members with Vietnam Airline (if any)… will be removed from the system and will not be transferred to new member’s (in case subscribers register for the program again successfully).

The expired date is regulated as the first day of the month in which members do not fully satisfy conditions. For example: if 11 February 2015 is the evaluation day and member A does not satisfy the conditions, the expired day of member A is 1 February 2015.