1. How to qualify to join in the program:

To register for the program, subscribers have to satisfy following conditions:

·         For post-paid subscribers: Using MobiFone services is at least 6 months before registration time.

·         For pre-paid subscribers: Using MobiFone services is at least 12 months before registration and spending at least 1.000.000 VND during that time.

 2. Program Registration

Eligible subscribers register in one of the three following ways:

·         (1) Register by SMS: Compose message DK and send to 9237 and follow the instructions.

·         (2) Visit our website http://www.mobifone.vn/  to register for the program.

·         (3) Register at MobiFone shops.

Pre-paid subscribers register in the way (2) or (3) only.

In case subscribers are not eligible to participate, the system will give warnings when they register to become members.

3. To register as an Associate member of MobiFone Loyalty Program - Lotusmiles Program: 

It is compulsory to register at MobiFone shops.

Fill in the registration form at the shop and show ID card or any personal paper with their photos along with Lotusmiles membership cards in order to have Member card validity checked and have registration procedure completed.