Program’s Members (Members): Customers who use MobiFone service and registered for the MobiFone Loyalty Program, hereinafter called Members.

Associated Members: Members who registered for the program associating with Vietnam Airlines (Lotusmiles), hereinafter called Associated members.

Associating Partners: Businesses/ Organizations which MobiFone has signed cooperation contracts in order to give Members exclusive benefits of services or economic benefits.

Points (Loyalty points): Units used to calculate bonus awards in the MobiFone Loyalty Program. Members accumulate points at their account (called KNDL account). Each account is attached to one (some) subscription. In case Members have more than one subscription, they will have the same number of KNDL accounts. There are two types of points:

Qualifying points: The points which Members earn during the time of using MobiFone based on the usage of service in a period of 12 months. These points are eligible for tier qualification and for award redeem.

Bonus points: The points which the MobiFone Loyalty Program give customers in special events such as bonus points as joining in the program, bonus points for their birthday, bonus points for customers having lots of subscriptions and so on. These points are only eligible for awards redeem only and are not used for tier qualification.

Accumulative points: The points which Members earn during the time of using MobiFone services. These points in one period consist of qualifying points and bonus points.

Lotusmiles Program: A program of Vietnam Airlines for its regular customers.

Lotusmiles Account: The account which Lotusmiles members accumulate their bonus points in.

Member tiers: Members are classified as Bronze, Silver, Titanium, Gold or Diamond depending on the qualifying points they earn during one qualifying period. The tier is only valid for 12 months. It can change in the next period depending on members’ evaluation points.

Qualifying period: The period of 12 consecutive months from the month when members join in the MobiFone Loyalty Program.

Bonus awards: MobiFone service award or awards from KNDL associating partners.

Membership Cards: Membership cards which are provided for Diamond, Gold and Titanium members. Members can use Membership cards to earn privileges from MobiFone partners.

9237: The phone number of the MobiFone Loyalty Program which helps Members change their requests or look for information relating to the program. Sending text to 9237 is free. 

Website The official website informing all information of the program.