M-Home is a perfect choice for groups consist of 2 or more post-paid subscribers with cheap rate offered - 440 dong/ min.   




Calling rates for Group: 440 dong/min (inclusive of VAT)





Rates (Inclusive of VAT)

Domestic call rates

Intra operator

880 dong/min


Inter operator

980 dong /min


Calling rates for Group

440 dong /min


Intra operator

290 dong /SMS

Inter operator

350 dong /SMS

International SMS

2.500 dong/SMS (from mobile)
1.900 dong/SMS (from webportal)

SMS to other members of the group (Text command: M-HOME SMS CONTENT to 999) will be deducted from free SMS account of the circle. If customers use up free SMS, further SMS will be charged at current plan’s rates.



How to register

  • Register at any MobiFone’s store.
  • Household registration book or marriage certificate (original or certified copy issued by official authority) is required.

Terms and Conditions

  • The number of members in one group must be at least 2 and cannot exceed 10 members.
  • Each customer is allowed to join only 01 M-Home Group and  register for one subscription in Group.
  • Members of the Group must have their names on the same household registration book. Or else, they must have marital or parental relationship. In this case, marriage certificate or birth certificate is required.