Postpaid plan MobiGold offers customers great quality calls with 30% lower fee in comparison with ordinary plans. MobiGold is a great choice for customers who have high need for calls and may have more than 135 call minutes per month



Low call fee: 880 dong/min for On-Net calling, 980 dong/min for Off-Net calling.

Simple and flexible fee payment:

Promotion programs:

  • Happy Birthday, other special programs for loyal customers.
  • Life-lone Connection program (MobiFone’s rewarding program): You will have the chance to enjoy special customer care programs at Vietnam’s best resorts and hotels, and international hospital



Starter Kit Price: 60,000 dong/kit (VAT added), including:

  • 25,000 dong
  • Activation fee: 35,000 dong

Monthly fee: 49,000 dong/month/account (VAT added)

Voice and SMS charge

Type of charge

Charge amount (VAT added)

Domestic on-net call

880 dong/min

Domestic off-net call

980 dong/min

Domestic on-net SMS

290 dong/SMS

Domestics off-net SMS

350 dong/SMS

International call and SMS IDD*

IDD only

International SMS

From mobile phone: 2,500 dong/SMS
From MobiFone WebPortal: 1,900 dong/SMS
(Applied from 15/10/2009)

Call to 1080/1088/Information Voicemail

Service charge 108x

Fee calculation unit: 6 secs +1




Plan registration: At any MobiFone’s stores and distribution points nationwide.

How to register:

  • Submit 01 copy and the original copy of one of your personal identity documents (including ID, or valid passport).
  • If your permanent residence address stated in your ID is not where you conduct the registration, you need to submit the following documents in addition:

o     01 copy and the original copy of one of your personal identity documents (including ID, or valid passport);

o     Copy of your Family-Register or more than 6 month valid temporary residence registration;

o     In case you do not have above documents, please submit your valid Passport (at least 3 month valid) or Authorized verification documents by your organization (original copy) in case you are working at the location of registration. 

Rounding policy

For postpaid mobile phone fee: Accumulated monthly due fee (VAT added) shall be rounded as following: more than or equal to 50 dong unrounded will be rounded to 100 dong, less than 50 dong unrounded will be rounded to 0 (zero) dong.

Overage refunding terms

  • You close your Contract with unexercised paid fee and request to have your overage refunded.
  • The overage occurs when you took one of the following payment form:
    • Cash payment (pay at VMS stores or collecting points);
    • Bank account transfer (UNT, UNC, ATM, Smartlink).

How to get your overage refunded

Go to nearest MobiFone stores and submit the following documents:

  • ID, contract and contract termination;
  • VAT invoice or bank’s documents to verify the previous payment of the overage.

For more information, please contact us by dialing 9090