Prepaid MobiQ is suitable for customers who have great need for SMS but may have below 30 minutes of call per month. MobiQ offers you nearly 50% lower SMS fee in comparison with other plans



Low SMS fee: 200 dong/SMS for on-net, 250 dong/SMS for off-net

Unlimited validity: 60 days will be automatically added to account validity upon top-up or charged call/SMS



Starter Kit Price: 60,000 dong/kit (VAT added), including:

  • 25,000 dong
  • Activation fee: 25,000 dong

Voice and SMS charge

Type of charge

Charge amount (VAT added)



1,580 dong/min


1,780 dong/min



200 dong/SMS


250 dong/SMS

International SMS

From mobile phone

2,500 dong/SMS

From webportal

1,900 dong/SMS


IDD international charge

IDD only

Call to 1080/1088/Information Voicemail

Service charge 108x
















Fee calculation unit: 6 secs +1 



Plan registration: At any MobiFone’s stores and distribution points nationwide.

How to register:

  • Submit 01 copy and the original copy of one of your personal identity documents (including ID, military ID, or valid passport).
  • If your permanent residence address stated in your ID is not where you conduct the registration, you need to submit the following documents in addition:

o     01 copy and the original copy of one of your personal identity documents (including ID, military ID, or valid passport);

o     Copy of your Family-Register or more than 6 month valid temporary residence registration;

In case you do not have above documents, please submit your valid Passport (at least 3 month valid) or Authorized verification documents by your organization (original copy) in case you are working at the location of registration. 

Plan validity

  • Upon activation, account changing into MobiQ; your account validity will be 60 days.
  • If your current account validity is less than 60 days: when outgoing call/SMS (charged), data roaming, or top-up (regardless of top-up value and form) occurs; your account validity will automatically be changed into 60 days. Note: This does not apply for webportal SMS.
  • After 60 days, if none of the above activities is conducted, your account will be locked for one side (outgoing).
  • If your current account validity is more than 60 days, the validity is not accumulative upon top-ups. At the end of your account validity time, you will have 10 days to receive calls/SMS and to make top-up. After these 10 days without top-up, your account will be locked for both sides.
  • Both side lock time is 31 days. After this period, if no top-up happens, your account number will be retrieved.

Plan changing terms

  • Your account must be active for both sides and have a balance above zero.
  • How to change your plan:
    • Changing your plan into postpaid plan (MobiGold): Please visit MobiFone’s stores for assistance.
    • Changing your plan into other prepaid plans, text “New plan name” to 900 for further instruction.
  • Other requirements follow current policies.
  • If you cannot change your plan by texting, please visit MobiFone stores for assistance.
  • For more information, please visit our website www.mobifone.vn.