MobiFone Telecom is a leading provider of mobile information services in Vietnam, currently operating in the fields of Telecommunications & IT - Television - Distribution & Retail - Multimedia & Translation Value Added Services. In order to meet the demand of high quality human resources for enterprises, to implement the plan to expand the market and constantly improve the quality of customer service, MobiFone is looking for dynamic and enthusiastic candidates. at the Mobifone Provinces / Cities in the Northeast Region.

As follows:

- Vacancies: Sales Specialist and Accountant at MobiFone in the North East. Description:

- Sales Specialist: Performing duties: Sales; Customer develop; District / District Market Management; After-sales service at MobiFone provincial branch. Details will be discussed during the interview.

- Accountant: Performing accounting and finance work at MobiFone provincial branch. Details will be discussed during the interview.

I. Requirements

- Age: Under 35 years old.

- Qualification requirements: Graduated from the public university (Degree 1 or 2), regular system, specialized in:

+ Major in economics for the position of sales specialist

+ Specialization in Finance and Accounting for the position of Accountant

- English level: B or higher or equivalent.

- Informatics: Using computer proficiency.

- Gender: Male preference

- Passport: Priority is given to candidates who have permanent residence registration in the locality where they apply for admission, for applicants who do not have permanent residence registration in the locality where they apply for admission, At least 03 years at the registered position.

II. Examination forms

- Priority of recruitment by mode 1 - Interview (No written test): for Candidates:

  • Graduated from high school in public universities - Long-term regular system (Degree 1) in the majors.


  • Have a Master's degree or higher, in a major discipline. At the same time, graduated from the public university, long-term system, specialized in the field and has at least 02 years working experience in the Post and Telecommunication, foreign companies or public Large state-owned company.

- For the remaining candidates: Writing Contest and Interview (The written content consists of 3 subjects: Specialization, English and Applied Informatics).

III. Request on project profile

All papers in the dossiers certified by local administrations shall be valid for not more than 6 months up to the date of submission, in the following order:

1. Cover your application with the following: Position and two to three (1, 2, 3), address and telephone number of the applicant;

2. 01 Application for handwritten interview (clearly stating the location of the examination, qualifications, work experience and experience_ if any);

3. 01 commitment to work for at least 3 years at the recruitment position (applicable to cases where there is no permanent resident registration in the locality).

4. 01 copy of the valid graduated university, master or temporary graduation certificate; English certificate ...;

5. 01 copy of the full course transcript;

6. Documentation of work experience, if any (labor contracts, salary increase decisions, agency certifications ...);

7. 01 Original curriculum vitae with photo and stamped at the same time as prescribed;

8. 01 copy of the health certificate;

9. 01 copy of the household registration book, people's identity card;

10. 02 latest 3x4 photos.

IV. Receive applications: until the end of November 25, 1818

- Place of receipt: at the City / MobiFone Office or Organization - Administration Department - MobiFone Service Company Region 5 No. 8 - Lot 28A - Le Hong Phong Str. - Ngo Quyen Dist. Hai Phong

- Form of filing: Direct deposit; Send the file or send the scanned file via email:

- Phone number: 0931515555 - 0225.3556119

V. Written examination time: scheduled for November 2018

For applicants who have not yet completed the certification dossier, request Foto to complete one set of documents as requested above and complete the certification dossier after finishing the rounds. examination.).