General information:

  • Address: Lot VP1, Yen Hoa street - Cau Giay District - Hanoi
  • Number: 024.3 783 1766
  • Fax: 024. 3 783 1766
  1. Name of Plan/ Name of contractor selection plan: Procurement of computers and printers in 2019.
  2. Decision on approving the contractor selection plan: No. 970/ QD-MOBIFONE data 19/6/2019 approved by the General Director of MobiFone Telecommunication Corporation.
  3. Estimated procurement: 18,639,702,400 VND

        Content of contractor plan


Package name

Bid package price (after VAT)


Form and method of contractor selection

Time to start organizing the selection of contractors

Contract type

Duration of contract(*)


Shopping for computers and printers

18,639,702,400 VND

Business cost of 2019 of MobiFone

Extensive bidding in the country’ 1 stage 2 pack of records

Quarter II/ 2019

Package contract

7 months

(*)Time frame: 7 months:

How to sign a contract

  • After the contractor selection results are approved, the procurement unit focuses on negotiating and submitting to the leader of the Corporation to sign a framework agreement.
  • On the basis of the signed framework agreement, the unit wishing to purchase will sign a contract, take over and pay with the contractor.