Under the witty and exciting guidance of MC Thanh Trung, the artists and the audience in Can Tho will have an extremely exciting, jubilant evening cheering on the U22 Vietnam men's football team to kick the semi-finals at SEA. Games 30 in the music night "Send full love" of MobiFone takes place on the evening of 7/12 to here.

Ekip carried out the MobiFone program - "Send love" to the city of Can Tho "white rice with water" imbued with the Western people, to prepare for the most special music night of the year. It is interesting that this "Send Your Love" music night coincides with the SEA Games 30 semi-final match of U22 Vietnam men's soccer team. Therefore, in addition to the unique music repertoire of the top stars in Vietnam, which are very popular with young people like Noo Phuoc Thinh, Dong Nhi, Isaac, Vu Cat Tuong, Lip B, ... Live semifinals on the big screen on the stage and the witty and professional comments of MC Thanh Trung as well as interactive games with the audience about football are the most special highlights in the program. 

Perhaps this is the most different "MobiFone" music night in the series of customer care programs of MobiFone nationwide, because the stage and the script will be designed to open as a diverse space for the audience. just enjoy the music scene and can be passionate about football. Unlike the regular football watching on the big screen outdoors, at the show, the audience also immersed in the vibrant dances of music stars before, between and after the game. Therefore, the atmosphere of the football festival - the music will be really meaningful and wonderful. It is a special gift that MobiFone offers to its loyal customers in Can Tho, and is also a spiritual gift to the U22 Vietnam men's football team when thousands of Can Tho supporters stand side by side. Millions of fans in the homeland always follow every step, every shadow of the beloved players.

MobiFone program "Send full love" this time will have the exciting performance of male singer Isaac - a son of Can Tho land. This will definitely be the expected performance with this handsome guy's hits like "I'll be back soon", "When I love you" (Mr. Right), ... has been loved by the younger audience over the years.

Alternating during the semi-final match, the audience will hear short comments from MC Thanh Trung (also a football expert who regularly guestes commenting on matches on television).

At the end of the match, Can Tho audience will be back to enjoy the extremely cute and exciting tunes of Dong Nhi. After hosting the unique "century" wedding of Showbiz Vietnam, Dong Nhi is in the sweetest moment of life because of a beautiful fairytale love with singer Ong Cao Thang, therefore, she will be extremely energetic as well as inspiring to be able to spread fire to the audience. Famous songs of Dong Nhi such as "Ms. Ba Saigon", "Call me", "The person who used to speak", ... will be played on the stage with extremely skillful dance moves of the dance group. Previously, to create a depressing highlight after the passionate moments with football, singer - songwriter Vu Cat Tuong will bring the audience gentle yet fresh moments of youth with compositions. : "Dream", "Rainy", "Someone", "If", ...

Ending the night of MobiFone football festival - "Send full love", Noo Phuoc Thinh will surely make Can Tho audience satisfied with the performance and interaction extremely and cute. The duet performance between Dong Nhi - Noo Phuoc Thinh in the program will be an interesting highlight. Because, everyone knows Noo and Dong Nhi are close friends for many years, they walked together on the path of art, together holding hands to conquer the peak of each music career. Therefore, they are always together in important moments of life. With MobiFone music night - Send this meaningful love, Noo - Dong Nhi will sing together, hold hands to join forces to spread the fire for the audience in a music night that the cohesion and sharing is chosen to be informed. The most important message. In addition, the "prince" showbiz Noo Phuoc Thinh will bring to Can Tho audiences melodies that are romantic, lyrical, and exciting through songs like "I'm Still loving you", "Hold me". tonight "," Nostalgia full of "," I am a star ", ...

Staying up to date, following the evolutions of social life, from which offering business strategies to immediately meet the increasing demand for diverse quality of customer services, is a Among the top criteria that MobiFone has always cared about, built and preserved for over two decades. With the policy "Customer is the center of all activities", in 2019, we will continue to focus on customer care, in order to bring the best experience to MobiFone subscribers. Music Night "MobiFone - Send full love" in Can Tho this time is one of many practical activities of the program series 2019 with the message "Take care of gold standard, ready to welcome you", to express deep gratitude color of MobiFone for loyal customers who always support, believe and stand side by side with MobiFone. In the coming 2020, MobiFone will continue to promote digital transformation, improve service quality, 4G / 5G coverage in all residential areas in order to bring diverse utilities and experiences to customers./.