In 03 days from August 22 to 24, 2019, in Phu Yen, the Ministry of Information and Communications, Phu Yen Provincial People's Committee jointly organized the 23rd Vietnam ICT Development Cooperation Workshop with more than 1,000 delegates from government agencies, ministries, branches, localities, ... Attending the event, some IT solutions of MobiFone Corporation were highly appreciated.


Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung visits MobiFone's booth at the exhibition


The seminar, entitled "Digital transformation: Complete sharing of e-government data," is a forum for policy makers, managers and experts to share experiences and create opportunities. ICT development cooperation of Phu Yen province, ministries, central branches and provinces and cities nationwide to promote digital transformation and connection and sharing in the trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution contribute to building a modern and synchronous e-government, promoting administrative reform, serving the people and businesses.


At the conference, MobiFone introduced to partners and customers a number of IT solutions including: AI Camera for face recognition, traffic monitoring; AI TTS; Smart radio; 3C switchboard; mBill; Mega Meeting; EGov product series and some other products.


Set of solutions using artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is currently very much concerned by the Government and businesses because of the tremendous applications it brings. The development trend of artificial intelligence has motivated MobiFone to research and develop 2 sets of products related to AI: AI - TTS and AI Camera. For the AI ​​- TTS product suite, there are 4 solutions: The application helps individuals or businesses make multiple simultaneous calls with personalized content (mAICall); Application to read newspapers and news by artificial intelligence voice (mAIVoice); Website providing text-to-speech solutions (MOBIFONE.AI); Automatic call solution based on artificial intelligence voice integrated with PBX system (mAICallCenter).


The most outstanding is the mAICallCenter solution, with this solution, it is possible for businesses to easily call customers, create call scenarios and personalize each customer with natural voice such as real people. As a result, businesses can save tens, hundreds of staff costs ... The AI ​​Camera suite includes: Face recognition; Object identification and intelligent transport system. Especially with the intelligent traffic system, with the function of detecting traffic violations, it helps to handle violations quickly and easily.


A set of solutions for businesses for the Government

The need to develop solutions for the Government is very diverse due to having to handle large data sources and through many processing units. In 2014, the Politburo issued Resolution No. 36-NQ / TW on promoting information technology application and development to meet requirements of sustainable development and international integration. The Resolution has set specific targets by 2020 “to effectively implement the administrative reform program, closely linked to the development of e-Government and to provide high levels of public services and in many field". MobiFone's solutions to build e-Government can be mentioned as: Level 3 public service portal, level 4; Web portal; One-stop electronic door system; Management system for officials and public employees; Software systems of electronic storage solutions centralized on the Big Data platform; Ministry-level, provincial-level data sharing and sharing platform (LGSP); Database system of socio-economic information; Electronic document management system ... and Smart Radio solution. In particular, the Smart Radio solution is a solution based on 4.0 technology and deployed on Cloud infrastructure that can completely replace and completely overcome the disadvantages of traditional FM communication solutions. This solution helps the locality save and minimize initial investment costs up to 30%; Reduce costs, operating system workers by 50%.


A set of solutions for businesses

MobiFone has researched and developed a number of solutions to support businesses such as 3C mobile switchboard; MBill electronic invoice; Mega Meeting online conference; ... In which the typical solution for businesses today is the 3C mobile switchboard solution (Cloud Contact Center) to help businesses optimize communication with customers and bring customers. goods with businesses come together with a lot of outstanding advantages such as: Increasing the rate of catching, the callback rate is over 90%; Reduce 40-50% of cost compared to traditional switchboard; ...


MobiFone's technological solutions attract the attention of many visitors


MobiFone hopes that with new solutions using artificial intelligence, it can assist government agencies and businesses in solving urgent problems today. Through the seminar, MobiFone had the opportunity to introduce its technology solutions, affirming its role as one of the leading enterprises in technology and telecommunications. MobiFone has been and is constantly updating new technologies to customers and partners to apply in many large areas of life.