According to the evaluation of Brand Finance - the world's leading brand valuation company, MobiFone Telecom Corporation ranked 6th in the Top 50 most valuable brands in Vietnam in 2018 and is the second ranked mobile network operator. on the chart. Notably, in this ranking, the brand value of MobiFone in 2018 increased by 17% compared to 2017, the largest increase in the Top 10 Vietnamese brand values ​​in 2018.
According to the report of Brand Finance, MobiFone ranked 6th in Vietnam's Top 50 valuable brands in 2018 (up 1 rank compared to 2017). In the field of telecommunications, MobiFone's brand value ranks second in the telecommunications industry. Simultaneously, MobiFone also increased 25 places to No. 113 of the world's most valuable telecommunications brands.
Brand Finance Plc is the world's leading brand valuation company, established in 1996, based in London, United Kingdom. The company is currently present in more than 20 countries worldwide. Every year Brand Finance conducts a valuation of 70,000 brands in the world and this is the fourth year Vietnam is included in the list of countries that are evaluated by Brand Finance.
This consultant calculates the brand value in the ranking using the royalty discount method. This method estimates future sales generated from the brand and calculates the royalty rate payable for brand use.
3 main factors affecting brand value are brand strength, business performance and external aspects. In particular, brand power is the most important factor, simply because this is where the organization has the most control and that is where all marketing spending is spent. The business factor is controlled by the organization but is largely driven by market forces. As for external factors, this is an uncontrollable factor.
In the difficult context, MobiFone still achieved pre-tax profit in 2018, estimated at VND 6,045 billion, completed 100% of the year plan, increased 7.5% compared to 2017. Particularly noticeable, after-tax profit ratio MobiFone's equity is estimated at 25.7%, fulfilling 100% of the year plan. Total state budget payment is estimated at VND 5,403 billion.
Currently, MobiFone has about 4,000 employees, thus, in 2018, each MobiFone person contributed to the State budget of 1.35 billion VND / person / year. The budget contribution of MobiFone employees is considered quite high compared to enterprises in general and the state-owned enterprises in particular.
If calculated on the total revenue, the average labor productivity of MobiFone employees in the past year was VND 9.62 billion / person / year. With this number, MobiFone is also one of the enterprises with the highest labor productivity today, and this is also the productivity level that few businesses achieve.
This shows that MobiFone continues to maintain the efficiency of using capital of state-owned enterprises. This is also considered one of the most important indicators to assess the level of effective business operations of enterprises, especially State-owned enterprises. MobiFone's after-tax profit / owner's equity ratio is also much higher than that of state-owned enterprises in general.