On September 6, 2019, MobiFone Corporation was awarded the title of "Excellent Digital Transformation Enterprise" at the Vietnam Digital Awards (VDA) 2019, with ERP system - a solution that apply digital transformation successfully.


The Vietnam Digital Transformation Award is an annual award organized by the Vietnam Digital Media Association with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Television, and ICT Development Cooperation Center. , in order to honor organizations and individuals who have made achievements, contributed value to the development of digital technology, made important contributions to the digital transformation and national digital economic development.



Based on evaluation criteria with high requirements on features / quality of products, services, solutions and technologies; application potential; process of management, administration, production and business; efficiency of the conversion process by revenue and market share; prestigious capacity of the unit, enterprise ... The organizers have selected awards in 4 categories: Products and services, digital technology solutions; Enterprise transformation number; Convert digital agencies and Narrow the digital gap. In which MobiFone has excellently selected and was awarded the title of "Excellent digital conversion enterprise" with the successful solution of applying digital transformation as an ERP system.


ERP system - which stands for Enterprise Resources Planning - is the Enterprise Resource Management System, which helps businesses to strictly and timely control information about their resources, thereby improving management capacity. , enhance the ability of operating, directing, ensuring production and business. The important benefits of implementing an ERP package, such as ensuring smooth, immediate and consistent information in internal business processes, help standardize all information about the ERP implementation. encoding, shared data, centralized management of data, helping to ensure information security. ERP is also an information portal, combining sales, finance, plans and other data, serving the administration and administration, helping businesses to track promptly and accurately status of resources for making accurate and timely decisions.


The benefits that ERP brings are huge, but implementing ERP also means that businesses face changes in user habits; We have to adjust, optimize, standardize and eliminate a series of outdated processes that no longer respond to the new system.


Accepting to face challenges and difficulties, in March 2016, MobiFone officially signed a contract to implement ERP project. After more than 1,000 days and nights of active deployment, undergoing hundreds of meetings to adjust and unify the business, with determination and perseverance overcoming difficulties, the ERP system at MobiFone was officially put into operation from January 2019, used for the corporate body of the Corporation, all 25 affiliated units and MobiFone Provinces / Cities, and provincial Telecommunications Stations nationwide.


On the ERP system, the information and business are implemented in a closed cycle, the operations behind use and inherit the information entered in the previous business, the information on the ERP is clear. Fasten and tightly controlled.


Not only is a common management software, ERP is also a platform for businesses to improve management processes and be a standard for modern corporate governance, helping businesses move towards transformation. number. Successful implementation of ERP will help MobiFone improve its value in the equitization process, through the quality and transparency of information in financial and management reports, which are managed by managers and investors. Investment highly appreciated.


A representative of MobiFone said: “MobiFone considers ERP to be a strategic tool to help MobiFone improve its management capacity and enhance its competitiveness. The application of ERP to optimize the management of assets, stations, operating costs will help MobiFone save a lot of expenses to focus resources for other areas. In the coming time, the ERP system will continue to be integrated and customized by MobiFone to meet the increasingly diverse and flexible business and administrative requirements.


Successful implementation of the ERP system will improve efficiency in governance and increase the transparency of investors and partners. This will also be a platform to help MobiFone transform strongly in the goal of transforming the number of businesses, building a complete digital ecosystem, creating a competitive advantage for MobiFone in the future”.