On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the founding, MobiFone is proud to present our gratitude program to “Send all Love” to loyal customers in Hoa Phuong Do city. The program will take place at 20:00 on May 19th, 2019 at Viet Tiep Cultural Friendship Cultural Palace, Hai Phong.



“Golden ideal care – Ready to welcome you” – The invitation is also a guarantee for MobiFone’s quality of customer care since the early days of establishment. During the 26-year journey, MobiFone has won the best customer care network award for many years. Customer care and service work of MobiFone is also a model for caring customers in many fields.


MobiFone’s programs are most dedicated to caring and serving customers in many aspects of life, both in terms of work and daily amenities. MobiFone is the first and only network operator in Vietnam to have a sophisticated and world-class customer care program, serving requirements such as air ticket booking, airport transfers, card point addition service of Vietnam Airlines (up to 1000 points); enjoying privileges at the business-class guest room at the airport or booking a golf course at famous Vietnamese golf courses. MConnect application links with major partners who are reliable and qualified in the fields of cuisine, entertainment, beauty, shopping, travel, health care, hotels and resorts… in order to bring comfortable and prestigious life.


The artistic program “Send all Love” with the involvement of many famous singers and artists such as Thu Phuong, Quang Dung, Uyen Linh, Dinh Huong and Dong Hung to perform songs that go into people’s hearts and souls, certainly will bring to the audience of Haiphong the feeling of sublimity in a full evening. Under the staging of art director Hong Kien, many of the composers of veteran musicians such as Trinh Cong Son, Thanh Tung, Duong Thu … together with completely new compositions, promise to bring the pleasure and uniqueness for the night.


“Send all Love” – The program is to show deep gratitude to the close customers who have supported, trusted and stand side by side with MobiFone. In 2019, with the intention of focusing on customer as center, MobiFone will continue to promote exchanging number, invest in improving service quality and customer care to bring the best experience to customers.