For the first time, the safety and network security competition held by global security firm Fortinet in Vietnam for businesses in preventing attacks to internal systems and the team from MobiFone has excelled all participants to become the winner of the competition.


Cyber ​​Range 2019 is held by Fortinet, a US company with a representative in Vietnam. The candidate's task is to use the signal analysis skills, information provided to find out how to prevent attacks to the internal system.


In order to help the technical staff of businesses that have been using Fortinet's solution to have more knowledge and skills to defend and protect their information systems, Cyber ​​Range 2019 provides businesses the ability to connect securely through the Fortinet Security Fabric security architecture. After half a day of intensive theoretical training, senior consultants from Fortinet have presented many typical cyber attack scenarios to help cybersecurity professionals from many mobile operators, banks and credit institutions in Vietnam exchange experience and learning from each other.


Fortinet experts and 12 teams from 11 businesses have been divided into 2 groups, 1 attack team and 1 defensive team, to compete, exchange experiences about network attacks and apply the most advanced security solution today.



During 3 hours of competition, 12 teams from MobiFone, Viettel, VNPT (2 teams), BIDV, Bao Viet Bank, PVCombank, PTI Insurance, Mcredit, EVN, Sungroup, VTVCab have constantly had to cope with many attacks according to scenarios such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, attacks via email with unhealthy content attachments or malicious code ...


The contest consists of 3 parts: part 1 will contest the Stop the attack, protect from the attack skills, which are divided into 2 parts about network attack and email attack.  Accordingly, contestants use 2 tools provided Fortigate and Fortimail to perform the competition. Result of this section MobiFone team got the highest: 2,250 points. In the second part, candidates will compete on Policy Optimization and Forensic Investigation, adjusting and optimizing device configuration to prevent attack. Particularly in this part, MobiFone team got 715 points. In the third part of this contest, the contestants will answer 10 questions about the data in part 1 revolving around issues such as the need to use the meta data warehouse to analyze and find the IP addresses of attack, method of attack, harmful file name .... In this part, MobiFone team got 800 / 1,000 points.


Calculating the total score of the 3 sections, the final result of MobiFone had the highest score of 3,765 points, VNPT got 3,545 points and Viettel IDC got 3,345 points. With this result, MobiFone won the 2019 Cyber ​​Range Champion.


Assessing the quality of the teams through the competition, Mr. Kelvin Chua, Technical Director of Fortinet Southeast Asia - Hong Kong said that the expertise and skills of the participating teams are very high, not inferior. “The teams have chased with quite close scores, not much difference. It also shows that the professional quality is quite similar, ”Mr. Kelvin Chua said.


Participating in this program, MobiFone members can experience the reality of being attacked by hackers, thereby using security and network security tools to prevent and draw more experience in business security.