On April 23rd, 2019, Minister – Nguyen Manh Hung – of Information and Communications signed a decision to grant the license to deploy 5G telecommunications network and services to MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation.



With the approval of the Ministry of Information and Communications, MobiFone will deploy 5G testing in the capital of Hanoi, Danang, Haiphong, and Ho Chi Minh City. The license period is from April 23rd, 2019 to April 22nd, 2020. MobiFone will provide 5G free trial service for customers with super high-speed eMBB data applications, serving the needs of information and entertainment such as streaming music, online video (HD, UHG 4K), Real-time online game (AR, VR)…


MobiFone is currently working with equipment suppliers to prepare for this examination. This testing will be deployed by MobiFone with different equipment suppliers to test the satisfaction capacity, the quality service, the problems arising in preparation for the practical implementation of 5G on a large scale.


MobiFone has made a clear determination to stay at the forefront of developing new technologies. Since September of 2018, MobiFone has raised the issue with the Ministry of Information and Communications to apply for a 5G-license and build and complete the 5G and NB-IoT technology testing project and submit it to the Ministry of Information and Communications. Licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to officially implementing 5G testing is a crucial step for MobiFone to evaluate technology and market before deploying to provide official services. MobiFone will step up the research and development of products and ecosystems for 5G to be able to effectively exploit the preeminent features of 5G network technology.


Besides actively preparing 5G test conditions, MobiFone constantly improves service quality, extends and optimizes 4G coverage. In the first quarter of 2019, MobiFone installed more than 4,500 4G broadcasting stations and it is expected that by the end of the year, there will be about 30,000 4G broadcasting stations installed nationwide.