Although the National Day holiday this year only lasts for 3 days (from August 31 to September 2), however, it is expected that the number of tourists wishing to move to tourist areas, cultural centers, famous sightseeing destinations will be huge, the demand for telecommunications services, especially data consumption will increase sharply on this occasion. MobiFone has prepared all aspects and plans to ensure a safe, smooth network.



In 2019, MobiFone has expanded the capacity of its core network to meet the growth of communication needs of customers. Technicians are assigned to review and adjust system capacity, network configuration, closely monitor alerts and reduce load handling network elements, radio resources, ready to level Download to the switchboard, service systems and pay special attention to the fact that subscribers are moving a lot on a large scale during the national holiday.


MobiFone also checked the configuration and contingency supplies, operational configuration, contingency planning and equipment replacement. The inspection of the engine room, the location of the nodes and other value-added service systems, ensuring the security and fire prevention are also paid special attention during the holidays of September 2. .


Also during the national holiday, the Network Operations Management Center (NOC) and the International Telecommunications Center MobiFone strengthened the coordination in supervision and quick handling of issues related to international voice quality, ensuring security contact international travel in the afternoon and afternoon on the occasion is smooth, uninterrupted.


MobiFone also reviews and develops options to ensure information security and risk prevention, ready to deploy plans to reduce the load and rescue information under carefully prepared and detailed scenarios. From before, make sure to be proactive, not be surprised in any situation.


In the days from August 31 to September 2, MobiFone strengthened technical staff with 24-hour experience on transmission lines, switchboards and service systems, closely monitored and ready for options. reduce the load, check the configuration, store information, ensure the work of checking and recovering network data safely and quickly.


In addition, MobiFone has actively coordinated with related units to increase the capacity of trunks, inter-domain signaling and other businesses. Strictly monitor the radio network, increase the system capacity, arrange mobile broadcast vehicles, ensure no congestion in crowded areas, tourist destinations ...


In 2019, MobiFone will install 30,000 4G stations to increase the capacity and radio coverage to better serve customers. 3G / 4G stations have been upgraded to the strongest configuration across the network, expanding transmission capacity ... to enhance congestion prevention for high-traffic areas, ensuring network safety and security.


With the thoughtful preparation of both services and techniques for the national holiday, MobiFone always proves the attentiveness of a branded network of customer care, constantly striving to bring the best products to customers. High quality products and services.