On March 22nd, 2019, MobiFone officially launched mobifoneGo service - providing unlimited high-speed 3G/4G data packages according to the specific requirements of each customer.


mobifoneGo is a specialized 3G/4G data service gateway, developed based on the solution of Syntonic Company, USA. With this service, MobiFone subscribers can freely choose high speed unlimited data 3G/ 4G service packages for a single App/ website or a bundle App/ website group to use, according to one’s day, weel, or month depending on one’s actual needs. mobifoneGo also helps customers easily manage data usage, using network on smartphones and save costs. All data buying operation are done very simply and quickly on mobifoneGo App, or via messages.



Besides, mobifoneGo is also an effective connection channel of Mobifone to business customers. This service allows businessmen to approach the right customers in a flexible way but still bring direct benefits to customers to optimize the effectiveness of the investment of business. For example, with the sponsorship of enterprises , MobiFone subscribers can easily find and receive gifts for 3G/4G data with high-speed through the special data sponsored/ data reward of the service.


Sharing about the event, Mr. Bui Son Bam, Deputy General Director of MobiFone, said: “In the context of the 4.0 revolution, the demand for using mobile data is growing strongly. All living habits of people change rapidly according to technology: from listening to music, watching online movies, reading news online, playing live videos on social networks, to calling video calls… Each customer needs demand for regular use of different apps and websites. Helping customers select and manage data usage in the most scientific and rigid way, meeting the smallest needs of each customers - is the reason for MobiFone to research and launch mobifoneGo. Next time, mobifoneGo will be regularly updated and upgraded to bring customers different experiences with high satisfaction level.


MobifoneGo service will be officially provided from March 22nd, 2019. Customers can use the service by registering via messages, or download the apps via Android operating system version on Google Play. App on Apple Store for IOS operating system version will be provided by MobiFone as soon as possible.