MobiFone has officially provided free eSIM declaration service for subscribers nationwide.


Accordingly, from 29/05/2019, all new prepaid and postpaid subscribers on MobiFone network have had the opportunity to experience new services with the most modern eSim nowadays. All customers who are using iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max models and other devices that support eSIM when coming to MobiFone stores will be supported by MobiFone employees to register for new eSIM network and convert Normal physical sim to eSIM.



eSIM (embedded-SIM) is a new technology whereby the removable physical SIM contains information directly attached by the phone manufacturer in the phone. MobiFone will provide customers with a password to activate eSIM in the device. When applying to eSIM technology, the IPhone has become a two-sim phone with two waves at the same time as the feature on phones using Android operating system.


When performing the conversion from normal physical sim to eSIM, the subscriber’s account is reserved. 3G packages, 4G packages subscriptions, messages (SMS) or utility services such as ring-back tones, missed call notifications (MCA) are kept completely unchanged and performed smoothly without interruption.


In the current period, MobiFone provided eSIM for smart phones including iPhone XS Max, XS, XR and Google Pixel 2.


MobiFone representative said: MobiFone recognized the huge market potential of eSIM, not only applied to mobile phones but also to wrist-wear devices, personal computers, … Therefore, Mobifone is preparing, readily networking and technical expertizing to be able to expand the supply of eSIM to many devices at the end of this year. In the coming period, MobiFone will integrate a variety of applications on eSIM, such as Mobile PKI (mobile digital authentication) with some services that require phone number authentication, customers can directly use on the phone instead of receiving OPT from the bank or service provider.


Deploying the provision of eSIM declaration service immediately after being granted 5G trial license by the Ministry of Information and Communication, MobiFone is showing interest, acumen and timely capture in grasping new technology trends of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is happening globally. Besides, MobiFone is actively optimizing the network, expanding and optimizing the coverage area of 4G network, bringing the total of 4G stations up to 30,000 broadcasting stations this year, to meet customers’ requirements in the best way.


Customers can register for exchanging eSIM for free at MobiFone service retail stores nationwide. MobiFone is completing the technical system so that customers can declare eSIM on Web and on My MobiFone App in the shortest time.


For detailed information, please call our operator at 9090.