MobiFone is ready for the conditions for the official implementation of providing digital network transfer service (MNP) for prepaid subscribers from 01/01/2019.


Create all the best conditions, support customers to switch networks

Up to the present time, all technical infrastructure systems of MobiFone such as billing software, sales channels, complete routing reports with domestic and international operators are ready to serve the tenants. The prepaid package has a need to switch from 01/01/2019 to the network transfer fee of VND 50,000 / subscriber. Customers can register to switch network to MobiFone network in many ways such as to MobiFone's transaction points, agents, register at website or call to 18001090. Especially, MobiFone will also send transaction staff to take home to serve customers who switch network to keep the number, in order to create the best satisfaction for customers when using MobiFone's service.

In addition, customers can introduce their relatives and friends to transfer to MobiFone by registering at My MobiFone application to receive many attractive promotions.



Maximum customer care

With the desire to serve the best customers, when transferring the network to keep the number to MobiFone, you will enjoy a range of incentives from promotions, attractive voice and data packages from MobiFone as well as support programs. support to buy phones with attractive prices with super preferential packages.

MobiFone also brings many utilities 4.0 for customers when it is the first network for customers to use QR Pay feature to recharge their payment. MobiFone is also promoting transaction electronics to help reduce consumer time, with dozens of services to support users to register to use / change services anytime, anywhere without having to go directly to the door. MobiFone goods.

MobiFone has equipped various applications such as My MobiFone, MobiFone NEXT, M090, mConnect to help customers actively manage telecommunications consumption, self-design packages according to actual needs and convert head numbers in contacts ... thereby transparent information, enhance reliability and interaction with customers.

Along with constantly improving and improving service quality, MobiFone plans to expand and optimize the coverage area and upgrade the technical infrastructure. MobiFone applies preferential policies for longtime MobiFone subscribers who will be promoted to Titanium membership status of Long-term Connection program. MobiFone is also ready to receive new customers, with the following incentives: keep the membership class and upgrade membership when transferring to MobiFone.

The network transfer service that holds the official number is an opportunity for customers to experience the service quality and customer care level of MobiFone. During the 25-year journey of establishment and development, MobiFone always put the interests of customers first and will continue to make efforts to provide customers with more practical utilities.