Recently, some customers of MobiFone expressed concern about customers being confused between MobiFone Customer Care operator at 18001090 with a 1900xxx phone number of other service providers in the market which leads to phone charged.


Noting this reflection, MobiFone Telecom Corporation has worked with partners to provide the hotline number, requested to update precise notice of the operator name, charge price information, service content provided for customers to have enough information before deciding to use the service. In case the numbers 1900xxx give unclear greetings, or give unclear notice about PBX, and neither provide clear information and content…, customers should acknowledge and consider carefully before calling to 1900xxx to avoid any inconvenience which results in unwanted charges deducted.


In case you need help or concern about the services of MobiFone, please contact Customer Care Call Center at 18001090 of MobiFone (completely free of charge) or Call Center at 9090 (fee of 200 dong/minute) for timely answers.


For all other operators, not beginning with 18001090/9090 are not MobiFone Customer Care operator.