MobiFone was honored at the program Sao Khue on April 21st, 2019 with the Big data Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in the Top 10 for the best IT products and services of 2019.


Sao Khue award was officially deployed by the Vietnam Software and IT Service Association – VINASA since 2013. This is the 16th time the prize has been organized to honor and praise enterprises, agencies and interns, and individuals with outstanding achievements, contributing to the development of Vietnam’s software and IT industry.



Based on the criteria of originality, technology and product/ service quality, efficiency, application; The pioneering in the industrial revolution 4.0, the Recruitment Council agreed to award the title of TOP 10 Sao Khue 2019 for Big data Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


Big data Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a voice-based advertising service that allows suppliers to reach users through direct calls to customers. The solution can be deployed and managed advertising campaigns over time, according to customer objects to bring high business efficiency. Making the most of the power of big data, IVRs direct advertising to the most appropriate customers, help to maximize the cost effectiveness of advertising and minimize the negative reactions of customers. With the flexible design, the IVR-based system provides connection interfaces that allow partners to join links to create complete ad networks.


Being officially supplied and released to the market since 2016, until now, MobiFone’s Bigdata Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been widely used to advertise products from 20 customers. MobiFone partners and up to 30 million MobiFone subscribers, bringing great economic efficiency. Revenue from IVR increased rapidly, from 60 billion in 2017 to 180 billion in 2018.


The Big data IVR communication solution also brings great benefits to society. For customers, IVR offers an effective solution to help customers access products and services that are suitable for their needs. For manufacturers, solutions to reach customers optimal, right customers. IVR also ensures strict compliance with communication policies and regulations prescribed by law. Making the most of MobiFone’s resources, with extensive telecommunication infrastructure, covering all over the country, MobiFone’s Big data Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform ensures absolute safety in terms of user information, an issue is very crucial in the present era.


At Sao Khue ceremony of 2019, another product of MobiFone is the digital platform of ecosystem development was also voted as a typical product/ service of Vietnam IT and software service of Vietnam IT and software services 2019. This is the foundation in which MobiFone plays a central role, creates links, resonates values and promotes social components to participate in developing , trading and using digital products. Digital Platform supports the development and sales of digital products/ services that create value chains for developers – developers in supporting the development, testing and sales environments of digital products/ services, support service providers: trade in products/ digital content, support agents, distribution channels that sell products/ digital content end enjoy commissions. For network operators, Digital Platform supports tools to pay, provide products/ content, manage business according to policies.


In the future, these two products will continue to be developed and linked with other MobiFone products to create a complete architecture to meet MobiFone’s shifting trend from a traditional telecommunication network to become a digital service provider (Digital Provider).


Sharing about the event, Nguyen Manh Hung, Deputy General Director of Telecom Corporation MobiFone said: “The industrial revolution 4.0 is opening up many opportunities for businesses to cooperate to make many new products. Businesses must take advantage of their advantages to actively participate in this revolution. MobiFone products recorded in Sao Khue Awards of 2019 that this period marked the transition of MobiFone in the trend of digital conversion. In the coming time, MobiFone will focus on implementing useful solutions, connecting users and businesses to best meet the requirements of customers in the digital economy”.