From 0h on July 14th, the provinces have started to announce the national high school examination result of 2019. This year, in addition to many forms of looking up exam scores, such as the website of the Ministry of Education and Training or the Provincial Department of Education and Training or register to receive results via SMS, there has been a new form of notice, first appearing in Vietnam: receiving free calls for exam scores, via voice by applying artificial intelligence technology of MobiFone.


Statistics from MobiFone, to 0h on July 14th, 2019, nearly 6,000 students across the country received the high school examination result via machine operator applying MobiFone artificial intelligence technology. This is a very significant number compared to the total number of high school students attended the examination nationwide. This year, there are nearly 900,000 students participating in the National High School examination and are thrilled every day waiting for the exam results. MobiFone provides free exam results lookup service to help contestants and parents worry less, especially contributing to reducing the download for the websites of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Provincial Department of Education when they have to reply to a large number of simultaneous visitors in a short time.


The most special feature is not only free support for subscribers within MobiFone network, but the service is also deployed to all subscribers nationwide by MobiFone in coordination with Lao Dong Newspaper and Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper. Contestants and parents will simply register via the website of two newspapers mentioning above then provide the name of the contestant, the registration number and phone number, MobiFone smart operator will make an automatic call to report the results of the national high school examination on the registered phone number, as soon as the Ministry of Education and Training has the national high school examination results.


To prepare for the service of announcing the free test scores for the contestants 2019, MobiFone’s technical team has also competed with time, working 24/24 throughout the past time to ensure the accuracy of system, smooth and error-free operation. Understanding the importance of life’s decision-making of each student, each MobiFone technical staff member makes every effort in order to provide the earliest and the highest accuracy as the most practical way to share the joys, the hardship of the students and families during the examination season.


From a lowland area of Y Yen, Nam Dinh Province, Pham Thi Tan, whose son has just received the results of the examination from MobiFone smart operator, cheerfully shared: In the early morning, my son’s phone appeared the call from 090 of Mobifone, the whole family nervously gather to listen to the results. When I found out that he achieved quite high results, the whole family was extremely happy for him. If it is not explained to me that the voice is applied by artificial intelligence technology, I thought it was an operator with a very natural and warm voice. Thank MobiFone for creating a practical device service which helps our parents have the earliest information on their examination results.


During the past time, with the artificial intelligence technology, MobiFone has also completed and provided the whole package of “Speaking Newspapers” for many major newspapers nationwide. In the near future, with the development of artificial intelligence voice solution, MobiFone wished to directly participate in promoting the application of industrial revolution achievements 4.0 to help people and businessmen optimize production costs and increase production and business efficiency.


Being known as a considerate network supplier, understanding the needs of mobile users, MobiFone has made its own mark in the race of maintaining and increasing value for customers during the past 26 years. In response to the needs of customers, catching up with the common trend in the digital ages, our network supplier continues to pioneer to bring modern applications and trend to improve service quality, enhance the experience for users as well as brand reputation.


Time points for contestants to remember:

Before July 16th, the Department of Education and Training completed the consideration and recognition of high school graduation

From July 14th to 23rd, the registered units will receive the application forms and make a list of contestants’ testimonials.

No later than July 21st, the principal of the secondary school shall issue a temporary graduate certification, return the school reports and other certifications (originals) to the contestants.

Before July 21st, the Ministry of Education and Training expected to announce the quality assurance threshold for the training sector of teachers and health sector.

Before July 22nd, the universities and pedagogical colleges announce the admission soon.