For the first time in Vietnam, contestants are able to register to check their scores by receiving a free-call announcing the results, which is used by MobiFone artificial intelligence voice technology.


In order to create favorable conditions for parents and students across the country to conveniently look up the national high school examination results of 2019, MobiFone cooperates with Lao Dong Newspaper and Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper to provide the service of informing national high school examination results via smart operator by applying artificial intelligence for voice solution. This service is not only fast, accurate and timely but also completely free.



Accordingly, contestants only need to follow these simple steps:

1. Visit website: or

2. Select the feature to receive notification of test scores -> enter the registration number of the examination, name and phone number.

3. When test scores are available, MobiFone will automatically call to inform the students who registered via 090 using with artificial intelligence voice.


Thus, by only registering the phone number and entering the registration number of the examination, until the day of results announcement, the contestants will receive a phone call with the content includes the full name, the registration number, and scores of the national high school examination of 2019. The call is provided on the platform of intelligent switchboard solution using MobiFone voice technology of artificial intelligence application.


The Ministry of Education and Training said it will announce the results of the national high school examination on July 14th, 2019. Nearly 900,000 contestants across the country are waiting for results to be announce. Parents as well as the students want to know the fastest ways and most accurate to lookup test scores in order for them to make choices as soon as possible and promptly change aspiration in case of necessity when universities and colleges start recruiting. Understanding this sense, MobiFone provides the service of announcing the national high school examination results with intelligent switchboard by applying artificial intelligent technology. With simple steps, easy and reliable to use, the contestants only need to enter their phone number and the registration number. Afterwards, the contestants will get the scores as soon as the results come out. With the use of artificial intelligence, MobiFone expects to bring a modern, convenient and accessible exam scores to fastest to meet the needs of the contestants as well as family members.


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