MobiFone's mAICall text-to-speech service is suitable for classes, groups of friends to remind calendars or business shops that want to increase the interaction efficiency with customers.

Modern and convenient with mAICall application of MobiFone

Sending notifications to 1-2 people will have no problem with tools like: Mail, text, phone calls or social networks. However, it is not easy to notify a large number of recipients.

As the head of the parents' association, Ms. Van (Hanoi) encountered a problem that always causes her headache, which is sending a notice to all parents whenever there is a job. Ms. Van said that it is very hard to message 50 people in the group, if composing a message to send in bulk, someone can receive someone because it is dependent on the phone network. She once wrote nearly 50 messages, sent them one by one and lost an entire evening.

"It was extremely hard to do it manually, whenever I got an announcement I would be scared. Although there is a social network, many parents do not use it or use it but they do not pay attention to the notice in the group will also be washed away. So I want a useful tool to reduce this time, "Ms. Van said.

This worry of Ms. Van is no longer when she knows and uses MobiFone's mAI call service. "I just need to use mAI call and send the voice message to everyone is done, the steps are only a few minutes," Ms. Van expressed.

Use mAICall of MobiFone to receive great promotions

mAICall - an application developed on the basis of speech processing application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to turn text into voice and is considered a group call, calendar call application with virtual assistant Created first in Vietnam. mAICall helps users make personalized calls with auto-calling feature to different target groups to notify the user-prepared content corresponding to each audience group.

From November 8, 2019 to February 6, 2020, MobiFone launched the program "Call the group to release the throttle - Let's compete for a great gift" (applied from 8-11-2019 - 6-2-2020) in the form of products. winning points. Applicable objects are prepaid and postpaid subscribers operating in two directions on the MobiFone network during the promotion period, in particular, subscribers who register new / re-register / maintain successfully. mAICall service's package.

When using mAICall service, there will be daily prizes (added money to the account), the first prize in phase 1 (from 8-11 _ 21-12-2019) is a 50-inch TCL 50P62 Led TV, The first prize in phase 2 (from December 22, 2019 _ February 6, 2020) is a Daikin MC55UVM6 air purifier; and the Final is a 128GB iPhone 11.

Users of the application can also know the rate of the handset, the duration of each machine, statistics of the keys pressed ... According to the network, the mAICall application is suitable for use with classes, groups of friends to remind calendars or business shops that want to increase the interaction efficiency with customers.

In addition to the convenience features for modern life, MobiFone's mAICall application is more meaningful when it is possible to support the visually impaired and those who are unable to communicate./.