MobiFone's "rice rice" model of mobile vehicles has begun to share and accompany people with difficult circumstances.

In the past few days, amid the many difficulties faced by the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, many aromatic hearts shared some difficulties with them. With the tradition of solidarity and good leaves to protect torn leaves of Vietnamese people, "rice ATMs" were born. So far, this model has spread to many provinces and cities, even the famous fragrance has spread to foreign countries.

MobiFone is a large telecommunications company in Vietnam, besides production and business activities, ensuring smooth communication, the network has always been aware of the responsibility, join hands with the community to overcome difficulties. Therefore, MobiFone's rice ATM was born and started to support the needy from April 19, 2020.

The journey of gratitude rice has started the journey in Dong Nai. MobiFone's rice ATM models are mobile cars that will bring rice to many localities, free of charge to disadvantaged people. The advantage of the mobile "ATM rice" vehicle model is that it can go to many areas, helping people in different localities, especially those in difficult areas.

Each grain of rice given also meant a family had an extra warm meal during the anti-epidemic of Covid-19. Although a few kilograms of rice is not too big, it does help some people who are in need.

At the departure point of the rice ATM in Dong Nai, MobiFone awarded 1 ton of rice to 1,000 people in difficult circumstances. The long way to go is still ahead as MobiFone continues to deliver rice for another 29 days. Those who come to receive rice stand 2m away in accordance with recommendations on social spacing, MobiFone staff as well as people receiving rice wear masks.

A Dong Nai resident shared: "I could not do anything at home. Today, I took rice for my mother and my 2 children and 4 grandchildren, it is enough to eat for about 2 days, thank MobiFone for bringing this chapter this process ”

The main equipment of the "AMT rice" machine is the intelligent bell and automatic valve. When someone receives and pushes the button, the motion sensor activates the system on the phone and rice runs out from the tank above. It is expected that each day the ATM will deliver 1,000kg to 1,500kg of rice, which will be carried out until the end of the social isolation period or when the epidemic is over or the rice support is over.

After Dong Nai (April 22, 23, 24 and 27), MobiFone's rice ATM will come to Long An (April 22-24) and Lam Dong (April 24).