We are living in a new era with endless possibilities for people and our society. MobiFone attempts to put a highlighted mark in this great era to sharp significant values of happiness for a future. In 2015-2020, our vision is obviously expressed in the Declaration: Connecting values, evoking potentials. This vision reflects the commitment of MobiFone towards the comprehensive and sustainable development based on relationships between the three pillars: customers, partners, and every single employee. We are to become the most beloved telecommunication brand in Vietnam and achieve revenue of $5 billion by 2020.


We believe our mission is to bring its products and services that will be able to connect all people in one ecosystem where the demands of life, work, study and entertainment are detected, waken up and satisfied to achieve development and happiness. The development in cognition, relationships and business opportunities and the happiness will be achieved by kindly care and encouragement. Growth and happiness are driving forces for the development of both individual and society.