MobiFone has come a long way since 1993, when we are the first mobile network operator in Vietnam. Today, it is our pleasure to be the communication way of nearly 50 million subscribers (about 30% of market share). In 2014, MobiFone Corporation’s revenue exceeded 2 billion dollars, which let us remain one of the three largest mobile operators in Vietnam.

Since establishment, quality plays as a key strategy to all MobiFone leaders. We are honored to be awarded “The most favorite mobile operator” 6 years-in-a-row, which means MobiFone is trusted by customers.

Communicate is vital to all of us. Hence, MobiFone Corporation now provides a diverse range of services including mobile, data, internet, IPTV/cable TV, business solutions, infocomm technology (ICT), and investment. We understand, in an increasingly connected world, it’s no longer just about being able to talk and text. With our network, you can capture and share your feelings as soon as they created. 

1993: Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (VMS) was formed. Director Mr. Đinh Văn Phước

1994: Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Centers I and II were formed (in the North and South)

1995: VMS entered into the Business Cooperation Contract (BCC) with Swedish Kinnevik/Comvik
Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Center III was formed (in the Central region of Vietnam)

2005: The BBC between VMS and Swedish Kinnevik/Comvik came to the end. Vietnam Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (now called Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications) finalized the decision on the equitization of VMS. Mr. Le Ngoc Minh took the office after former Director Dinh Van Phuoc stepped down for retirement. 

2006: Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Center IV was formed

2008: Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Center V was formed. VMS celebrated 15th anniversary of establishment. 
Value Added Services Center was formed

April 2008, MobiFone has been the first market share holder on Vietnam’s telecom market. 

2009: VMS received the Excellent Operator Prize 2008 awarded by Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications. VMS-MobiFone officially launches 3G services; The Business Support Center was formed. 

7/2010: VMS was transformed into the One member liability State company. 

2013: VMS celebrated 20th anniversary of celebration and receives 3rd Rank of Independence Medal. 


26/06: Mr. Mai Van Binh was appointed Chairman of VMS MobiFone.

10/07: Handing over the right to represent the owner of the State in VMS MobiFone from VNPT to MIC.

13/08: Mr. Le Nam Tra was appointed General Director of VMS MobiFone.

01/12: MobiFone Corporation was established based on the reorganization of Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services One Member Limited Liability Company.



21/04: Mr. Le Nam Tra was appointed Chairman of the Board Members MobiFone Corporation. Mr. Cao Duy Hai was appointed General Director of MobiFone Corporation.



15/8: Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang was appointed Chairman of the Board Members MobiFone Corporation.



22/8: Mr. Nguyen Dang Nguyen is assigned to the position of General Director of MobiFone Corporation.



27/11: Mr. To Manh Cuong was appointed General Director of MobiFone Corporation.