MobiFone members commit to make customers happy and satisfied with MobiFone services

Every time we meet customers, we will:

  1. 1. Greet every customer with a friendly smile, appropriate greeting, good body language and eye contact. Whenever possible use the customer’s name;

  2. 2. Listen to our customers and treat them with respect;

  3. 3. Try to understand, find out, and anticipate the customers’ needs in order to meet their needs and exceed their expectations;

  4. 4. Provide accurate product information on all MobiFone services and products, and answer customers’ questions correctly and quickly;

  5. 5. Whenever we receive a request or a problem from our customers, we take the problem as our responsibility to solve or contact those who can solve the problem, and personally follow up to make sure the customer is satisfied;

  6. 6. Keep the promises and be honest;

  7. 7. Apologize personally when customers are not satisfied with our services, regardless of whose fault it is;

  8. 8. Say thank-you to every customer and encourage them to give us their feedbacks.