The process of converting 11-digit dialing number to 10-digit has raised many questions from customers. Will the process cause any inconvenience to the calling and receiving of the customers? What will MobiFone do to assist their customers, ease their worries and lessen their troubles now that the change is about to happen?


“Changing the dialing code” is nothing to worry about

On May 29, the Ministry of Information and Communications have announced their plan in changing the mobile dialing numbers from 11-digit to 10-digit. This process is to meet with the demand in sustainable development of the telecommunication market, as well as the requirement in growing digital economy, such as intelligent electric system, intelligent health care or intelligent traffic – all will support the Industry 4.0.

According to the reports from mobile network carriers, the percentage of 10-digit dialing subscribers discontinue their service is lower than that of the 11-digit type. Which is why the recall of 11-digit dialing numbers will significantly reduce a large amount of spamming numbers and increase the flexibility of the carrier’s phone number storage capacity. According to the calculation of the Department of Telecom, after the conversion we will have 1 billion subscribers that support the plan of sustainable development and expecting that the demand will be satisfied until 2050.

Relating to the information that shows mobile network carriers are starting to change the dialing code from September 2018, it is anticipated that there will be about 60 million 11-digit dialing subscribers got changed to 10-digit. A lot of people are starting to feel confused about the time required for this change to complete, as well as finishing all registered services under the 11-digit dialing numbers. Ms. Thanh Huyen from Cau Giay (Hanoi) said: “I have been using the 11-digit dialing number for 6 years, all services are registered using that number instead of a proper username. Where will those service messages go now that my number is changed from 11 to 10? Wouldn’t it be too troublesome?”.

Most users are showing their doubts with all possible inconveniences when their numbers got changed from 11 digits to 10, but there are subscribers happy with it as their numbers are possible becoming “lucky number”. Ms. Nguyet Anh – a saleswoman from Vinh Phuc said: “I bought this number for a few millions Dong. Although the “tail number” was great, it would be better if it wasn’t 11-digit. But now its value would be increased ten folds when it becomes 10-digit. My number will be more expensive if the 11-digit changes to 10”.

To ease the customers’ concerns, MobiFone confirms that the conversion will not be complicated or causing any trouble for the subscriber’s communication activities. In fact, this change will provide subscribers with shorter phone numbers, which are easier to remember and more convenient. This will also contribute greatly to the reconstruction of the dialing number storage when all dialing codes 01 are recalled in order to support the “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices in the development of intelligent infrastructures.

What’s more, 11-digit dialing numbers are often viewed as spammers in consumer perception, calls from subscribers of this type are usually ignored, causing inconvenience in communication.

According to a statistic report from the SIM trading market of Vietnam, 11-digit and 10-digit numbers with same 7 last digits are ranged from 15 to 30 million Dong. While the 11-digit number costs from 3 to 10 million Dong, the similar 10-digit would rise from 15 to 50 million Dong. Obviously, 10-digit dialing numbers cost relatively higher than the 11.


What has MobiFone done to reassure their customers?

Understanding the consumer perception, MobiFone has come up with solutions and plans to make the conversion processing as quickly and conveniently as possible. On August 8, 2018, MobiFone has successfully experimented on converting the dialing numbers from 11 digits to 10, and is continuing to conduct technical experiment to make sure of the result. This process is expected to finish on August 15, as according to plan. Based on the successful result, this conversion will be officially applied for customers from 0:00 September 15.

MobiFone’s dialing code will be changed as followed: code 0120, 0121, 0122, 0126, 0128 will become 070, 079, 077, 076, 078 respectively. When the conversion starts, MobiFone will support customers with parallel dialing (maintaining both old and new ones) from September 15, 2018 to November 14, 2018, keeping both Vietnamese and English voice recording.

The conversion from 11-digit dialing numbers to 10-digit is conducted under the regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications, so that MobiFone will automatically convert the numbers in phases and for different groups of subscribers. MobiFone will send messages to each customer to inform their new numbers. There is no need for customer to perform any other actions.

Besides, to make sure that customers don’t have to spend too much time on editing their contact information, MobiFone offers changing the dialing codes with My MobiFone application. With this app only, customers can change from 11 digits to 10 automatically instead of working manually: hundreds of contact numbers will be converted in minutes. This will certainly help customers with contacts need changing solving their problem. Mr. Bui Manh Tri (Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi) said: “My biggest concern is importing contacts from my old numbers to the new one. It is all thanks to My MobiFone app – my problem has been solved”.

After a success experiment, MobiFone is ready for the official conversion. The notification plan, the sequence of conduct and collaboration between units from MobiFone system nationwide are made sure to work smoothly and perfectly. These efforts enable MobiFone to believe that they will protect the rights and continuous connection for their customers, supporting the overall dialing code conversion plan to reach a successful end.