On 9/21/2018, MobiFone officially launched the second phase of the roadmap to convert the mobile phone code of 11 to 10 numbers. Up to now, MobiFone has successfully converted the entire 11-digit subscriber number 0121 to 079 new number, ensuring the technical specifications and smooth communication for all subscribers right after the initial conversion. number.


More than 3.5 million subscribers of 0121 have become "big" 079

MobiFone has announced the message to customers new subscribers number of customers right after the successful transition. Up to the present time, all new subscribers to 079 can use the service of calling, messaging, data and additional services (if any) in a normal, stable manner.


During this transition, more than 3.5 million subscribers of the 0121 have been converted to the number 079 - the number is considered good meaning, can bring more luck, fortune for people. use. From now on, customers wishing to own a nice phone number in the 079 range of MobiFone can easily select and order their favorite phone numbers via http://chonso.mobifone.vn or at MobiFone's telecommunication service providers nationwide.


My MobiFone application "open" supports all customers update contacts

From September 21, not only MobiFone subscribers, but all subscribers of other networks can use My MobiFone application to update the new contacts. Just press the Update contacts button on My MobiFone application, all the old 11-digit phone numbers stored in the customer's phonebook will automatically be changed to the new 10-digit number within a few minutes.


In particular, My MobiFone has the ability to automatically identify 11-digit phone numbers that have successfully converted to 10 numbers (including MobiFone subscribers and other network subscribers). When updating, the customer's address book will only update the number of successfully converted numbers from 11 digits to 10 digits. Customers can safely update the phonebook with all phone numbers of both MobiFone and other networks without any confusion or influence.


The next itinerary

As of September 21, MobiFone successfully completed two of the five initial conversion rounds announced. Millions of new phones with numbers 070 and 079 are officially available in MobiFone's store, giving customers a wide selection of new and improved sim cards.


From now to October 2, MobiFone will continue to implement 03 rounds of conversion, as follows:


Old network code

New network code

Time conversion















During each transfer, MobiFone will inform the customer of the new subscriber's number by SMS at the time of successful conversion.

From 15/09/2018 - 14/11/2018, MobiFone will apply parallel dialing for all subscriber subscriptions converted from 11 numbers to 10 numbers. Customers will be able to contact both the old (012x) and the new (07x) numbers without any interruption during this time.

At the end of the parallel dial-up period, MobiFone will maintain the dial tone dialing notification starting November 15, 1818.


Note for customers

MobiFone recommends that customers as a switchable subscriber should proactively inform their relatives, friends of new phone numbers, update their phone numbers on social network accounts, emails or translations. Internet services ...; Take direct contact with the bank / organization / business that generated the transaction related to the phone number to update the new phone number information. Active updating of new post-conversion phone information will help ensure the privacy and security of each customer.