From September 15, 2018, all 11-digit mobile phone subscribers will be automatically converted to 10-digit. This is also the time for MobiFone customers to change all 11-number contacts to 10 in their address book quickly and conveniently with My MobiFone application.


Changing dial numbers made easy with My MobiFone

To guarantee customer’s rights and convenience, MobiFone has fully prepared all technical support to aid customers in changing their phone numbers as orders from the Ministry of Information and Communications.

As a response to customers’ need, MobiFone has updated new feature on My MobiFone app, changing the dial numbers for all contacts. When using this feature, all 11-digit numbers currently on user’s contact list will be automatically converted to 10-digit. This feature is available to not only MobiFone subscribers but also to subscribers from other network carriers.


User-interface of the changing dial number feature on My MobiFone app.

Currently, MobiFone has completed this feature and ready to provide support to customers from September 15, 2018 – the beginning of 11-digit to 10-digit conversion as according to the regulation of Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC). Instead of hours of changing numbers for each contact manually, customers can update the new phone numbers of their friends and families within minutes only with My MobiFone app. More details on how to use this feature, please visit here


Small app, big benefits

My MobiFone is considered one of the most featured application that MobiFone developed in order to support their customers anywhere, any time. It can be seen as a mini customer service center located on a cellphone, which is highly recommended for utmost convenience.



By using My MobiFone, customers can look up information about the subscriber, including: name of the owner, current package, main account balance, promotion account and internet data account via 3G or 4G data service. Moreover, users can also check the information of extra minutes for calling or messaging if you have registered for added value services. Customers can also register or cancel these services easily. The application is able to assist users on looking through the history of fee charge, top-up and compare this information anytime, which helps lift the doubt of unreasonable charge.

My MobiFone could be installed on  iOS 5.1+, Android 2.3+ systems and work well on almost all smartphones. Customers using 3G/4G data plan to open this application will be free of charge.

As a leading network carrier in customer service, MobiFone also offers competitive promotion programs. In the next periods, MobiFone will continue to support their customers with more useful application and high-quality technological experience.