From September 15, 2018, all 11-digit mobile phone subscribers will be automatically converted to 10-digit. This is also the time for MobiFone customers to change all 11-number contacts to 10 in their address book quickly and conveniently with My MobiFone application.



Step 1: Download and install My MobiFone on your cellphone

Please access Google Play or App Store, search for “My MobiFone” and download the application.



Step 2: Log-in

Open your newly installed My MobiFone app and start logging in or register if you haven’t.



Step 3: Choose “Changing dial number for contact” option in “Personal” or “Support” categories



Step 4: Read all required information from the regulation on changing the dial numbers of the Ministry of Information and Communications, then choose “Start” to run the feature.



Step 5: Choose “Update my contact list” to update all phone numbers on your list to the new dial numbers.



Should you have any trouble or inquiry during the process, please contact MobiFone’s 9090 operator center for more support.