On the night of the 20th, in the morning of September 21st, MobiFone officially implemented the second conversion from 0121 to 079. This is a big shift because of the concept of many Customers, the number 079 is considered a good number, meaning good fortune. This makes the number of new subscribers much more valuable.


From the early days there was information on the network code conversion, new number 079 of MobiFone has been highly appreciated market: "The sim has a beautiful range of numbers, after being converted from 11 numbers into 10 numbers , again the number 079, the value may increase dozens of times.


After the transition, MobiFone's top 0121 subscribers have donned a new "079"


Before the official switch takes place, many customers are still wondering what they need to do to be able to convert their current phone number into a new one as regulated. No, and if so, how.


Answering this question, representatives MobiFone said, this transition is completely automated network operator on the technical system, subscriber does not need to participate in any operation. After successful conversion, the customer's current 11-digit number will be automatically converted to the new number.


Here are the latest pictures of the whole process of converting the number 0121 to 079 of MobiFone.


On the basis of synchronous implementation in terms of technology, communication, customer care, ... the first important is the meeting to agree on the scenario and conversion scenarios.


With over 3.5 million subscribers, the workload is extremely large, requiring a clear division of tasks, ensuring smooth coordination and coordination of all components. regions.


Observers closely follow each step as per agreed upon scenario.


Technical experts from the partners also participate directly in coordination with technical staff of MobiFone to control and handle situations arising during the transition.


Surveillance technicians do not take their eyes off the screen during the transition.



As a result, MobiFone officially converted the whole number 0121 into number 079.