Starting from September 15, 2018, all mobile network carriers will respectively convert from 11-digit dialing to 10-digit dialing numbers. Many customers are happy now that they own “lucky” cellphone numbers which is totally different from spamming numbers or that of the telemarketers.


The 10-digit dialing numbers are “more fair” than 11

Right after the Ministry of Information and Communications released an announcement regarding the conversion of 11-digit dialing to 10-digit dialing numbers, customers have expressed their excitement despite feeling somewhat confused. To go into details, Viettel will own the new dialing code 03x, while MobiFone has 07x and Vinaphone 08x. These are all considered “lucky” and “prosperous” numbers, which have made customers delighted with the change when they can get these lucks in their hands. Mr. Manh Hung from Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, told us: “I have been using the 11-digit dialing numbers up ‘till now though really wanted to change to the 10-digit dialing. But I haven’t got a chance since I was afraid it would take a lot of time. Now my chance has come!”.

The outlets that sell phone SIM cards are also jam-packed as the change is applied. Mr. Tuan Nam – owner of a SIM card shop on Nguyen Trai Street, Hanoi, told us: “It is usually the 11-digit dialing sims are less expensive than the 10-digit type. If an 11-digit dialing sim costs between 3 million Dong to 10 million Dong, the 10-digit is ranged from 15 to 50 million Dong”. According to the shop, the 11-digit dialing numbers have always been referred to as spamming and cheap. However, since the conversion to 10-digit and in random conjunction with new dialing codes as regulated by the Ministry, lots of the numbers will be come a “lucky” chain when they have similar digits. As people often perceive these numbers will grant them fortune, the “lucky numbers” from converted 11-digit types will be the cause for a strong trading movement in consumers, which shows signs of a dynamic market in the time to come.


Moreover, the 11-digit dialing subscribers are often spammers, which has easily explained why this type is often disfavored by general public. According to many reports released by mobile network carriers, the discontinuity of 11-digit dialing subscribers are higher than that of the 10-digit type. Customers are therefore feeling happier to change from the type that is labeled “spammers” and “numbers of the poor” to the 10-digit dialing types standing equally to others.

A few questions have been raised, such as “Will this conversion take up a lot of time?”; “How is the process? Is it complicated?” and all have been answered by the mobile network carriers. MobiFone announced that the process of converting 11-digit dialing numbers to 10-digit type is relatively simple, convenient and free of charge. Customers only have to wait for a notification sent via SMS from their network carriers. More particularly, MobiFone also support their customers with the use of My MobiFone application, which enables customers to transfer their contact from the old to new SIM card with only a few simple touches in minutes. This has pleased the customers as they are taken care of wholeheartedly.


Mobile network carriers promise a convenient process of conversion for their customers

Realizing the unwanted worries, MobiFone constantly releases updated news to ease their customers. Starting from September 15, 2018, all MobiFone dialing codes will be changed as followed: the codes 0120, 0121, 0122, 0126, 0128 will become 070, 079, 077, 076, 078 respectively. When the conversion starts, MobiFone will support their customers in parallel dialing (maintaining both the old and new codes) from September 15 to November 14, 2018. At the same time, the network carrier will inform subscribers their new phone numbers via SMS.

MobiFone representative stated that: “During this dialing code change, we will reinforce our staff and teller numbers to support the public most conveniently. The process and form of the conversion has been planned in details, customers can definitely rest assure”.

The subscribers are more than happy with this change, as well as feeling pleased with the supportive customer service of MobiFone. Mr. Hoang Van Thai – owner of a furniture store at De La Thanh Street (Hanoi) said: “I have been using MobiFone for 5 years, each time the carrier has any promotions or changing of the subscriber’s information, I often join in with no worries at all”.

Ms. Thu Hang – office lady from Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh (Hanoi) also said: “MobiFone has always been enthusiastic. Before when I changed from 3G to 4G SIM type, or when I had to complete my subscriber’s information, I was always guided carefully. There were times when I walked pass by the MobiFone’s mobile touch-points for subscriber information completion, the staff were as supportive as during the day though it was 10:00PM. I was pleased with the service. I have strong believe that the conversion this time will be process conveniently and as quickly as possible”.

With aim to plant seeds of belief and preference for high quality service, MobiFone representative also added: “The conversion processes very smoothly as we have succeeded in experimenting the conversion on 1.000 subscribers on August 8, 2018. Moreover, My MobiFone has finished and ready to be launched to support our customers with the contact dialing code changing. Instead of manually change all the numbers, it will take only a few minutes for customers to finish the job using My MobiFone as it could work well on all three mobile network carriers”.