On September 25th, MobiFone successfully converted all subscribers of 0122 to 077. Up to now, 8.9 million subscribers of the first 11 digits of MobiFone have switched to the new number 07x. 

MobiFone provides important information for users during the transition to help them better understand the number of conversions and minimize the impact of the service.


Update information on time, roadmap conversion

As of September 25th, MobiFone successfully converted the first three bands of 0120, 0121, 0122 respectively to 070, 079 and 077. With a total of 8.9 million successfully converted subscribers Up to now, MobiFone is completing the conversion in accordance with the schedule set by the Ministry of Information and Communications.



Old network code

New network code

Time conversion





Từ 00 giờ 00 phút

ngày 15/9/2018

Đã hoàn thành




Từ 00 giờ 00 phút

ngày 21/9/2018

Đã hoàn thành




Từ 00 giờ 00 phút

ngày 25/9/2018

Đã hoàn thành




Từ 00 giờ 00 phút

ngày 28/9/2018





Từ 00 giờ 00 phút

ngày 02/10/2018



This transition is fully automated by MobiFone on the technical system, the subscriber does not need to participate in any operation. MobiFone will notify customers of their new subscriber number at the time of successful conversion.


After successful conversion, the current 11 digits of the customer's 012x number will be automatically converted to the new 07x digit. Specifically, all the last 7 digits of the current phone number of the customer will be retained, MobiFone will only do the operation of changing the old network code of the first 4 digits as 012x to the new network code is 07x.


How to update contacts quickly, conveniently?

Changing a phone number in a directory is a matter of concern to the customer. For example, in the directory of most customers, will save the phone number of friends, relatives, or partners using 11-digit subscription. So, even if you have a 10-digit phone number (not converted to a network code) or an 11-digit number, you need to update your contacts to ensure smooth communication. , Uninterrupted.

MobiFone has the best solution to help customers update contacts quickly, conveniently. Since September 15th, MobiFone customers have been able to quickly update their phone numbers in the phonebook through the automatic transfer of contacts on My MobiFone application. The My MobiFone application will support the exchange of contacts for all customers, including MobiFone subscribers and subscribers of other networks.


The interface changes the 11-digit to 10-digit phone number on the My MobiFone app

In particular, this feature of My MobiFone is able to automatically identify the changed phone numbers of all network operators to make the update of contacts accurately from time to time. In a nutshell, this feature will only fix the phone numbers that have been transferred to the new number, and keep the unpaid subscriber numbers. This makes it easy for My MobiFone customers to update their contacts at any time without worrying about information being tampered with or having to temporarily stop the contact due to a mistake in updating phone numbers on the phonebook. .

With MobiFone's basic voice, call and feature phones, MobiFone will help customers change their phone numbers in a simple and convenient way. technical. After October 7, when mobile operators have completed converting 11-digit to 10-cell subscriber codes, customers can directly access MobiFone stores nationwide to be supported by MobiFone employees. Phone number divert support.


Actively update the new phone number in all transactions connected to the subscriber

In addition to announcing new phone numbers to relatives, friends, etc. To ensure smooth communication, subscribers in the switch list should note:


Contact your bank directly to change your phone number information

For customers who have registered their phone numbers to use banking services such as SMS Banking, Mobile Banking or receive OTP codes to conduct online transactions, actively update their new phone numbers. When converting network code is very necessary.

Specifically, after moving to the new network code, the customer's phone number will no longer match the initial declaration information. Customers will not receive OTP transaction confirmation messages, account balance fluctuations, or account information queries.

Moreover, according to regulations, the bank can not change the telephone number registered by the customer, but the new subscriber has the right to propose the conversion. Phone number information will only be changed when the customer directly confirms to the bank.

Therefore, to ensure the confidentiality of information as well as personal financial security, customers should actively contact the bank directly change the telephone number information. At present, there are some banks offering solutions to help customers update phone numbers through the application or online channels, helping customers save time and still ensure safety. Customers can learn more through official channels of banks.


Update new phone numbers on social network accounts / email or other applications on the Internet

In addition to financial transactions, many users also use phone numbers to connect social networks, e-mail and other applications on the Internet. This means that users need to actively update the new phone number on these online gadgets. Nowadays, most social networks and applications on the Internet support users to change phone number information with simple operation without spending a lot of time.

During the time of code change, if you have any problems, please call the Customer Care Center 9090 or directly to the store MobiFone for staff to answer, support in time.