Following the successful conversion of 11 to 10-digit subscribers, MobiFone will continue to offer more than 20 million subscribers 07X - a completely new headline in the mobile telecommunications market.


07x is also the number that MobiFone's 11-digit subscriber numbers 0120, 0121, 0122, 0126, 0128 will be transferred to 070, 079, 077, 076 and 078 respectively. Allocated to the operator in the plan to convert 11-digit subscribers to 10 numbers. However, besides the number 11 is currently used to switch to the top 10 07, respectively, millions of subscribers in the 07x range will also be MobiFone to market.


Currently only MobiFone is licensed to use the leading 07x range so the delivery of the 07x header will create uniform identity of the network used for the user. This is also one of the two numbers that are rated as the most beautiful among the fixed landline numbers that are planned to convert into mobile numbers.


Previously, due to the plan to transfer all 11-to-10 subscribers to 10 managed by the regulator many years ago so the last time the network is more limited in the introduction of the new 11-digit number of the Therefore, the demand for 10-digit subscriber growth is growing. The 07x numbered by MobiFone to the market not only meet the demand for 10-digit subscription has been exploited and exploited by the network, but also create a new, different compared to the top 10 available on the market. This will help users to choose the variety and the desired use.


On new number 07x, MobiFone will apply the package policies, promotions, such as the daily package (2,000 VND / day is used 25 minutes on the network, 3,000 VND / day is 30 minutes call network and 30 internal network messages); Preferential tariff for internal network, external network MobiFone monthly cycle as GD10, T30, SV30, SV50, CM100, C50 ...


In addition, many preferential data packages will also be applied to subscribers of the 07x, such as data packages HD70, HD90, HD120, HD200 ... Especially new subscribers 07x network also used C90N package , is one of the most attractive data packages on the market and also the most attractive data package of MobiFone at the moment. With this data package, users spend only 90 thousand dong per month to use data "hard" 120 GB / month, free 1,000 minutes on-net and 50 minutes in the country.


In addition, customers using the early 07x will inherit incentives from a wide range of value-added services, customer care policies from the diverse ecosystem of MobiFone.


To meet the need of using the new number - the first 07x - MobiFone said will help customers reach the new number of the most convenient way through the system stores, SIM card dealer Establishing or providing telecommunication service providers of other telecommunication enterprises, which are set up by telecommunication enterprises to sign contracts for authorization), to assist customers in selecting new numbers via websites.


With reasonable pricing policy and the diversity of calling packages, data packages, customer care policies, MobiFone hopes to bring customers satisfaction and experience with New number - beginning 07x. This also makes MobiFone's 10 digit number become rich and meet the need to select the number of multi-customer subscribers.