On October 2, 2018, after 5 rounds of converting 11-digit to 10-digit mobile subscribers in accordance with Ministry of Information and Communications plan, MobiFone successfully converted all its 14 million 11-digit subscribers of 012x to 07x prefixes.


From an effective journey to a successful destination

On October 2 morning, the last update of MobiFone mobile subscribers took place successfully and completed the conversion of all its phone numbers with 0128 into 078 prefix, ensuring the technical requirements and smooth communication for all subscribers. Right after the successful transition, MobiFone has sent messages to its customers and announced their new numbers.


Up to now, MobiFone’s conversion of 11-digit subscriber numbers into 10 digits has been finished on schedule and without errors, ensuring smooth communication for its customers.

All of this provider’s 14 million subscribers who switch from the old 012x to the new 07x prefixes (details in the table below) can take and make calls, send messages, and use their data plans together with other additional services (if any) as normally and stably as before.


Old prefixes

New prefixes


















From September 15, 2018 to November 14, 2018, for smooth transition, MobiFone will support parallel dialing (applicable for both old and new prefixes) for all converted subscribers. By the end of this period, MobiFone will keep a notification of new prefix dialing starting November 15, 2018.


Officially release more than 20 million subscribers of new prefix 07x

Celebrating new prefix of 07x, MobiFone will allow its customers to buy 07x data package with a discounted price of VND27,000/month and have an unlimited Internet access with  2.7 GB high speed data. All customers who are current prepaid and postpaid subscribers, and new subscribers with a prefix of 07x can register this package.

Considered as top prefixes on the market, the 07x range of MobiFone has attracted a lot of customers since early days of prefix conversion.


Currently, MobiFone is the only operator licensed for using 07x prefixes, with over 20 million new phone numbers. Customers interested in subscribing a nice number with the 07x prefix can easily select and order their favorite phone numbers via http://chonso.mobifone.vn or at MobiFone shops and service centers all over the country.


Soon, MobiFone will continue to launch many special programs for new 07x subscribers. Many promotion data packages will also be provided to 07x subscribers, such as data packages D10, HD70, HD90, HD120, HD200, etc. Especially, new 07x subscribers can also use C90N - one of the most attractive data packages on the market and also MobiFone’s best data package at the moment. Using C90N, customers just need to pay only VND90,000 per month and get access to a huge monthly data capacity of 120 GB, free 1,000 on-net minutes and free 50 minutes for within-Vietnam calls.


In addition, customers with 07x prefixes will inherit incentives from a wide range of value-added services and customer care policies from the diverse ecosystem of MobiFone.


What should customers do next?

Supporting converted subscribers to easily inform their new numbers to friends and relatives, MobiFone shall give these subscribers 30 days of free mStatus service. To get this offer, customers just need to text DK 07X to 9226. Specifically, within 30 days of successful registration, when customers send/receive messages or take/make calls from/to relatives and friends, MobiFone system will automatically send a free message to inform their 07x-prefix numbers to their relatives and friends.


During the transition, many customers, including customers of MobiFone and of other network operators, can also use My MobiFone app to quickly and conveniently update converted numbers in their phone contacts. Especially, My MobiFone app can automatically identify 11-digit phone numbers so customers don’t have to worry about information disturbance or temporary contact interruption due to confusion. They just need to press the button, waiting for a few seconds, and then resume phone contact with their relatives and friends, using their new 10-digit numbers.


For mobile subscribers with feature phones, after all operators complete prefix conversion on October 7, they can visit MobiFone stores nationwide to get support from MobiFone staff to convert numbers in their contacts.

MobiFone also recommends that customers involved in the prefix transition should actively inform their banks and other organizations with phone number-related transactions to update their new phone numbers. In addition, customers should also update their new numbers on social network accounts, email accounts, Internet utility applications, etc. This will ensure customers of their personal financial security and confidentiality.


Please visit MobiFone’s official website at http://www.mobifone.vn or call 9090 for further details.