Zoota is an application that helps you chat, comment, make friends, share pictures, play games, etc. conveniently and quickly right on your mobile device.



Main service functions:

  • Register, update photos, personal account
  • Make friends, chat, share pictures, status with your account
  • Add and use different social network accounts such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.
  • Join, exchange, discuss in Chat rooms with a lot of hot topics.
  • Join interest online/offline games
  • Recharge Game account to increase attraction levels 



Service fee = Subscription fee + fee for recharging Virual wallet

1. Tariff (VAT included):





Fee for downloading application



Subscription fee

15,000 Vnd/30 days


Levels for recharging vitual wallet

2,000 Vnd, 10,000 Vnd, 20,000 Vnd, 30,000 Vnd, 50,000 Vnd


SMS sending the link inviting for participation

In accordance with current regulation of the Company on SMS fee.


Fee of sending SMS to 9297



Fee for sending via SMS and Application

Free 05 SMS/day


Data fee



2. Charging method:

  • Service renewal: The service package will be renew automatically if you do not require to cancel the package.
  • For postpaid subscribers: Service fee will be charged to the monthly bill.
  • For prepaid subscribers: Service fee will be charged to the main account:
    • If subscription fee is charged successfully: continue using the service.
    • If fee is not charged succesfully: The system shall temporarily block the service and charge more 2 consecutive times; each time is performed 1 day before the other time. After three times, if fee is not charged succesfully, For daily package: after 3 times of unsuccessful charging, the system will deactivate your service.


1. Service provision channels:

  • SMS: short code 9297
  • Application: Zoota

2. Download application:

  • Access to AppStore, Google Play, Application store of mobile device to download Zoota application.
  • Access the link in the SMS notifying on successful registration to download the application.

3. Service registration:

  • Via SMS: Write PackageCode to 9297. Package code is ZT30.
  • Via Application: Access to Zoota application installed successfully on the phone via GPRS/EDGE/3G, select the package you want to register

4. Service use:

To use the service, acess to Zoota application installed successfully on mobile device and use in accordance with instruction. 

5. Service cancellation: write HUY to 9297.


1. Target users: all MobiFone subscribers who are operating with 2 directions.

2. Conditions for use:

  • Use Mobile Internet service and must be in range of GPRS/EDGE/3G services of MobiFone.
  • Use mobile devices which support Internet access.
  • Use mobile devices compatible with Blackberry, IOS, Java, Symbian, Android,..

3. Other regulations:

When converting from prepaid packages into postpaid ones, or converting among prepaid form such as MobiCard, MobiQ, etc. you can continue using the service.