mLaw is a service that helps MobiFone subscribers update news, information on legal documents, legal situations (in text, image, audio, video format, etc.) in a simple, quick and accurate manner. 



Main contents of the service:

  • Provide legal documents.

  • Provide actual legal situations.

  • Legal warning: on new confidence games, etc.

  • Administrative prodecures: provide information relating to procedures on Marriage, traffic, health, education, construction, etc.

  • Legal news: information and articles, audio news, clips, photos, etc. on security situation; television programs relating to laws.

  • Legal relaxation: unexpected and sudden situations relating to laws every day.

  • Legal questions and answers: send questions to legal experts to get answers and consultancy.

  • Legal test: learn about laws through legal games in form of test.

  • Fee for sending SMS to 9035: Free.

  • Data fee when using the service: Free.

  • Tariff (VAT included):


Service name



General laws

1,000 Vnd/day


Legal test

2,000 Vnd/day


Buy more questions

500 Vnd/question

  • Subscription fee is charged to main account for prepaid subscribers or added to the monthly bill for postpaid subscribers.

  • General Laws package: Include service contents, excluding Legal Test packages.



1. Channels of provision:

2. Register account/register service:

  • Via SMS: write DK PackageCode to 9035. Package code is LTH, TN.

If you write DK to 9035, the system will register the General Laws package.

After registering the service, the system will send password via SMS. You use this password to access and use the service on website/wapsite/app.

  • Enter phone number, password, and click Register.

  • Enter the code received via SMS to register account

  • Select Login, enter phone number and password registered

  • Select Register, select the package you want to register and follow the instruction.

  • Via Application:

  • Install application via Apple store, Google play, wapsite mLaw or application marketes

  • Access to the application via GPRS/EDGE/3G, select Register and follow the instruction

3. Service use:

  • Via SMS:

  • After registering the Test package successfully, every day you will receive 10 questions on laws via SMS. Write A or B to answer questions. In case of giving correct answer, you get 10 points; if incorrect, you get 0 point.

  • You will receive SMS of the service every day if you have registered to receive this news via website, wapsite or application.

  • Some syntaxes to use the service via SMS:



SMS sent to 9035


Retrieve password



Search accumulated points



Answering questions

A or B


Confirm to continue answering the 11th question in the day






Check package


  • Log in to the system with the registered account

  • Select the Content you want to use after logging in successfully and follow the instruction.

  • Via Application:

  • Access to the application via GPRS/EDGE/3G, select contents you want to use and follow the instruction.

4. Service cancellation:

Write HUY PackageCode to 9035. Package code is LTH, TN.

If you write HUY to 9035, the system will cancel the General Laws package.


1. Target users: All MobiFone subscribers who are operating with 2 directions.


2. Regulations on renewal:

  • After registering service packages, you will receive notice on the renewal by the respective period.

  • Daily package: Usage period of Daily package: from 00h00 to 23h59:59 every day; the package will automatically renew at 00h00 of the subsequent day.

  • Notice on current package: 01 time/30 days.

  • At the time of renewing service packages, the system will automatically charge subscription fee of the service:

    • If fee is charged succesfully: you will continue using the service normally.

    • If fee is not charged succesfully: the service will be suspended. The system will continue charging within 30 sunsequent days. In case fee is charged successfully, you can use the service. If fee is not charged successfully within 30 consecutive days, the service will be cancelled.

3. Other regulations:

  • When converting from prepaid packages into postpaid ones, or converting among prepaid form such as MobiCard, MobiQ, Mobi4U, etc. if having registered the service, subscribers can continue using the service.

  • Regulations on locking/unlocking service for postpaid subscribers are as follows:


Subscription status



Lock one/two directions

  • Continue using the service until the end of that period.

  • Temporarily stop providing service for subscribers in subsequent cycles.


Unlock subscribers who have been locked with one/two directions

  • Unlock immediately within the former period of service package: you continue using the service until the end of that period.

  • Unlock when the former period ends: charge daily subscription fee from the day of unblocking:

  • Fee is charged successully: you continue using the service.

  • Fee is not charged successully: retry will be implemented in compliance with specific regulation of each service.


Changing among prepaid subscriptions

Continue using the service with former cycle.


Change from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa

Continue using the service with former cycle.


Subscription is cancelled

Cancel the service.